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Did the Matrix miss me?

Okay, here it is, here’s the deal. Ready to speak. Now I am ready. Just wait a minute.

Since returning back to Canada from secret location in the Yucatan, MX on March 1st, 2018, I have not had the usual routine enabling basic services. No phone, no money, no place to live, no internet… augh…

I finally got it together after what seemed like an agonizingly long wait to be sitting here writing from my new old trailer in secret location Fraser Valley, BC.

Finally I have both my own space and internet. I had those in Mexico for $250/ month rent. Here.. not exactly. The economic climate is BRUTAL!

Every single cubit space pocket is for rent here in BC. It is money money money. Terrible climate. Everyone is clamouring for more money. There are very few places to live and what there is is either way to expensive or a misery.

Hurry up and wait. That is what it felt like. So I am just getting used to my new set up. Not perfect but not bad either. Ultra GRRL has to live surrounded by nature and I am. That is why I live 100km from Vancouver but I can be there in an hour if I want to.

One thing about not having internet, I got down to brass tacks. I wrote the first draft of my first book: MKUltra Girl: Discovery, Integration & Resolve. I actually did 4 years of income statements readying for filing income tax.

I kept posting my mkutra alert news items to my feeds while I poached internet and nobody really noticed anything. I conclude that when I was internet enabled and I had been for 2.5 years non stop, I was overvaluing my internet presence based on the time I spent on it, not what I was inputting.

Here is to a more productive internet experience now that I am back on it. I hope I can ward against the soul sucking/ consuming nature of having internet and be as productive and focused as I was in the last 3 weeks in Mexico, when I finally realized what I had to do.

I rebranded all my MK sites and set up Patreon. And today, the first patron pledged at the Bombassador level 2 level. Thank you Truthspoon! Very encouraging. As many of you know, I am having a bit of a time of parlaying my marketing from aerial photographer to Ultra GRRL.

Vancouver Aerial Photography took me 10 years to build. So I have no illusions about how long Ultra GRRL’s media global domination plan will take, but it appears the master plan is working.

Truthspoon saw my message as a screen shot on Mr. Gunk’s You Tube station in the new featured video about the NXIVM sex cult.

That is how people find me. It is through that picture. Most of the hits on my blog are from organic google searches on that picture. I have imposed my own insets along side and over top of the other insets with my information.

You will also know that I have a problem with people who improperly use that photo (no credit) and the film clip/ stills from the bxw film my mother is in. In this case, Mr. Gunk gave enough time for my image with my insets within his movie to be noted by the viewer, which resulted in my first patreon subscriber. 

That is something. A small win but the first step none the less. It is my first payment for any of the work I have done on MK ultra. I did make the odd dollar arranging events and a few donations for my work in the raw food movement but that has morphed into all about MK ultra.

To me now, my cause trumps all other causes, movements, politics, sympathies, leanings, religions and metaphysical musings. Thus, some of my old associates have discarded me and some I have discarded within this 2.5 year period where you might say, I turned mkultra.

That being said, there is something about my old cause, health activism, that I feel I must contribute to because I fear the last voice to speak up is mine. All others have been silenced. So stay tuned for that.

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, a lot to finish, a lot to organize, but I am in a good spot to do it.

Stay tuned for the release of an interview I did with V on the Red Pill Hard Core show at the Truth Pharmacy recently. I will let you know when that drops.

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