Deconstructing Movements Toward Oneness

For years now I have been intrigued with what has been termed, “the shift”, coined by the new age movement. At the same time, I have been interested in secret government and elitist agenda theories within the new world order movement. Both movements are leading up to some impending uprising or downfall which will bring forth “one world”.

The shift loosely refers to some cosmic happening that will fundamentally change how we perceive life. Wagged about notions include: The rapture (a fundamentalist Christian vision of ascension into heaven); the poles shifting (and ensuing cataclysmic earth changes); or a metaphysical quickening that is affecting all matter, including ourselves, that will elevate us into a higher dimension. The end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21st, 2012 is the deadline for the big event. Everybody has some idea of this concept by now.

My friend Apollo Poetry adds, “Both movements start off with ‘New’ for a reason. People preach about staying ‘present’ and then spend years preparing for ‘2012’. I believe we need to accept the emotions that come with this experience. People keep forgetting that we have eternity as a playground. 2012? Do you know how insignificant of an event that is compared to eternity? Yes, we are all ‘one’, but that ‘one’ has chosen to defrag into millions of pieces of light, and each piece needs to be honored for its temporary uniqueness. The temporary uniqueness of the fragmented ‘oneness’ is what makes us so beautiful.”

There is enough scientific evidence to back up the claim that something is changing on a very real level. The advent of quantum physics, (matter changes when we perceive it), has turned accepted notions (matter is separate from us) upside down. Robert Felix, author of Not by Fire but by Ice, predicts we are due for another ice age; Magnetic pole reversals are as dependable and predictable as the sun. The Schumann Resonance, the earth’s heart beat, is speeding up after eons of constancy, making us feel like we are living shorter days, because we are. (updated to reveal that this is dis info, the Schuman Resonance fluctuations have not gone up)

Great, but how does that change your life? You still have to pay the piper. Well, maybe not for long. Here’s another view of significant power broker ideas that may not be blocked for much longer as the helm of the new world order (fronted by the Rockefellers) falters.

According to Benjamin Fulford, journalist, whistleblower and former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, “There are now several groups with active plans for implementing a new paradigm to replace the one of endless war and genocide being pursued by the criminals who have taken over Western civilization. One group centered on the British Empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian Peninsula. This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology. They also plan to start cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances and prevents them from interacting with the environment in a harmful manner. They also have free energy technology.

A third group based on the US military-intelligence establishment proposes 5-year swords to plowshares transformation of the Pentagon. This group has the potential to develop the over 6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for “national security” reasons. One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions.”

Although current headlines and alarmist alternative news sites are still peddling NWO scare tactics and presumed control, according to David Wilcock, channeler, author and lecturer, we are leading up to “disclosure”. Suppressed technologies and the presence of human like ET’s will be revealed in the mainstream. While I can feel gleeful at the prospect of the system falling, I can also expect there to be upheaval and strife. How will this transition affect you? Will you buy into a false doctrine, spiritually, emotionally, economically, socially, politically?

Barbara Hartwell Percival, offers a little background on our two movements working together to spread a false doctrine, “The CIA certainly did not “invent” the New Age movement (its historical origins are in the Theosophical Society, as per the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey et al) — but since its inception in 1947, CIA has been steeped in its occultism and has instituted many programs and black operations which employ and promote New Age doctrines and corresponding propaganda, some of which emanated from the Nazis who formed the core of the original CIA via a program codenamed Paperclip. This Nazi legacy lives on today, not only in CIA, but in the ever-expanding worldwide demonic influence of the New Age….
And although I myself was subjected to much indoctrination by those promoting New Age belief systems and propaganda; and even though I was utilized by CIA as a “talent” in electronic media (radio and TV production, talk show host, 1987-1993) to promote New Age topics, by interviewing all manner of “self-help” and “human potential” gurus, chanellers, occultists, etc., I myself saw through the false spirituality, by virtue of the “gifts of the spirit” bestowed on me by God. This is reminiscent of many New Age teachings on “mind control”. EST, for instance; Silva Mind Control is another, and possibly the worst of the lot, Neuro Linguistic Programming. These systems are brainwashing methods which are based on manipulation (including of others); and are in the final analysis what I would call forms of witchcraft.”

The 3 deaths last fall at James Ray’s 5 day “Spiritual Warrior Retreat” in Sedona, AZ blew the lid off the New Age community. He charged $9695.00 for his fake, unsafe and unsanctioned sweat lodge experience and told his attendees to not bring warm clothes. He was selling ponchos, however for $250.00 each. In a dramatic twist of creating his own reality, he has been charged with 3 counts of manslaughter.

These prolific fraudsters not only give real healers and therapists a bad name, but they can ethereally pollute your essence and cause more harm than good. I gravitate to some work and not to others. I take it all with a grain of salt. I forgive erroneous conclusions based on modern propaganda or yesterday’s news in myself and others. We are simply moving forward too quickly now.

It still amazes me, however, when someone will pull out a popular culture new age self help book. Most of the authors of these books were primarily highly trained in one or another mind control method mentioned above before they applied it to their craft. For a virtual clearing house of information for the study of destructive cults, controversial groups and movements, you can visit

I hope that most people are beyond worrying about what they will lose during “the shift”. The way we handle the near future will determine its outcome, we as a planet, as a people, we as a thought form. There is little to no interference now as we roll towards the finish line of our causal reality. Lets explode into a cosmic ball of light is really too simplistic a directive. As we integrate aspects of ourselves together, we integrate the collective unconscious. It is probably safe to say that most people are experiencing some sort of inner awakening. This same light being shown inside you is shining on the world. All is being revealed whether you like it or not. As facebook friend, Daniel J. Broughton puts it, “if people do not wake up to their own “pain bodies” or “the slice of the human insanity pie that they carry physically in their being” they will never know what they are or who.” Wake up and realize that we are controlling this ship.

“Do not imagine that you are waiting for something. There is no one and nothing to wait for. You are here to do this work and there is no event coming in the future that will resolve this work for you. There is no leader or public figure that will come and resolve this work for you. Whatever you have facing you in your personal life now holds the truth and therefore the keys to your own enlightenment. Bravely step forward into the things that are yours to resolve in your personal life. Trust in that as you resolve those things, as you come to face your own personal truths and take full accountability for your own sphere of influence in the world that you are helping to weave together the fabric for the entire human race!” message from the akashic records channeled by Jen Eramith.

Although I put more evidence forth here of a deconstruction within the new age movement, you only have to look around to see the deconstruction in the new world order, which is really the old world order. In any case, as these changes occur, if you are not already trained, your best actions will be to stay centered and look to your friends, family, neighbors and community for strength. We can only rely on our own inner compass and experience, which cannot be judged. It is what it is, and it holds the only keys you are going to get to your salvation. Oh, and maybe stock up on a few dry goods.

Ellen Atkin is a Vancouver based photographer who writes whatever she feels like.

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