Cyber Stalking of Ann Diamond Lunamoth & Barbara Hartwell & Julie Gold

Anatomy of Possession in MK Ultra Perps

Evidence that Ann McClean aka Ann Diamond has engaged notorious wackjob, Barbara Hartwell to aid in cyber stalking.

  • Barbara Hartwell copied Ann’s stricken from Google headline using my name and added her own Batsh$t. (Nov. 2019)
  • Ann reposted stricken from Google BATsh*t using my name on another one of her free blogs the same day (March 2, 2020) Google removed her batsh#t on her main blog.  I guess I should be glad it was not posted on her blog about her fixation on bondage and S & M.
  • Ann stalked my twitter and tried to follow my web designer. (March 2020)
  • Barbara Hartwell posted Batsh*t again using my name AND my web designer shortly after. (March 2020)

Julie Gold, cites Ann McClean’s batsh$t on social and posts her own batsh$t using my name on her website. (March 2020)

The 3 of them are bound in MK Ultra BatSH@t!

Stay tuned!


March 2, 2020 UPDATE

After 4 years of being cyber stalked by Ann McClean, aka Ann Diamond, Blogger/ Google removed her post.

You know its bad when google steps in.

Ann Diamond is obsessed with me. She has been cyber stalking me since Jan. 2016.

If you want to know the things Ann Diamond has done to me and some of what I know she has done to others, How to Defend Yourself Against a CyberStalking Troll.  (password protected – DM for the password)