Crumbling the Natural Solutions Foundation

After a week or so of intense debate around the legitimacy of the Natural Solutions Foundation and its founders, Bert Stubblebine and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow, I am ready to draw some conclusions. We have been lucky because Shahee of Tribal Globe has been able to directly confront them, through their forum, on the issues that draw suspicion to them. So we have some real time responses.

So far, they have denied being connected to any of the links that were uncovered in the first round of investigations. “Bert has exacty no, none, zip, nada, connection with Homeland Security, the CIA, Black Ops or any other related activity or organization.” says Rima Laibow. Doesn’t really explain why this link dated 2003 is claiming he DOES have links to Homeland Security: In reference to this odd Russian mind programming video, “This is a lie, that is what it is. I have no, repeat, no connection with Psy Tech, nor have I ever met or worked with Dr. Smirnoff or his technology.” says Bert Stubblebine this last week. There has been no response to this link that has Stubblebine sitting on the board of a Canadian defense contractor that appears to be current

Concerning health business, there are two distinct and seemingly credible opponents to NSF: Dr. Rath Foundation and the IAHF. Both are written off as disgruntled opponents. Rima Laibow says, “The Rath Foundation (all they need is a “W”) has said, to our faces and in print, that it is the policy of their Executive Committee to attack us at every opportunity. They do so with misinformation and disinformation. Why would they do that? Whom do they work for? I have no idea. They, along with John Hammell, spread astonishing lies about us on a regular basis which then take on a life of their own because they are repeated on the internet. Whom does he work for? Why would he do that? Again, I hesitate to speculate. I know whom we work for: health freedom. I know why we do what we do: because we think it is right. We never, never attack anyone. They attack us all the time. We are effective. They are not. What does that suggest?” Hmmmm, more questions.

This is what the Dr. Rath Foundation has to say about NSF: Taken off the IAHF website: “International Advocates for Health Freedom was started in 1996 by John C. Hammell, Legislative Advocate, to catalyze global opposition to a pharma driven effort to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range via the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission.” This article, compiled by IAHF, dissects key points of dissension between what NSF is saying and actually doing:

So there are two seemingly reputable health organizations working against Codex who are not working with The Natural Solutions Foundation and in fact warn against them. The background of Bert Stubblebine (Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)) formerly in charge of the remote viewing program for the US army, does seem at odds with health advocate now. They play the martyr card – “We struggle each and every month to pay the bills that we incur fighting for people’s rights – including but not limited to our own – and last month had to, once again, put our own money into keeping the Natural Solutions Foundation going.We gave up a lucrative medical practice to live out of a suitcase, have constant money worries, travel to places I hate going to. We are paid nothing by anyone but the people (457 of them so far this month making donations as small as $2.00) We live (very conservatively) on Bert’s pension which we are concerned might disappear because of his forthrightness. We sold our wonderful home on a magnificent piece of land so that we could have the money to be so effective that we are abused on a regular basis.” Boo-Hoo. Do you see me complaining about being bankrupt? I love my $700.00/ month life. They use snake oil salesman terminology in their sales pitches, “You can make a friendly financial agreement with the Santa Clara community in order to provide the funds to purchase the land, we will contract with you to pay you the interest on that loan in a business-like fashion.” Business-like fashion? Good enough for me!

At best these two are benign kooks that may be a little soft headed or counter programmed after all the years in military intelligence. Maybe some of it backfired? Their work may or may not be effective. One thing is for sure, Codex is a behemoth of an issue. It is over most people’s heads in terms of it’s scope, it’s structure and it’s terminology. So it would be an easy issue to fool people with.

At worst these two are the counter intelligence disinformants getting paid by big pharma and government to distort the issues as their opponents claim. And perhaps Stubblebine really does sit on the board of Canadian Submarine Technologies. This is taken right of the website: “With his wife, Rima E. Laibow, MD, General Stubblebine has been engaged in pioneering research on the use of frequency in medicine and national security and is one of the two designers of AEGIS, a major Homeland Security private initiative.” Maybe he is on the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security too.

Either way, I see no reason to defend these people as none of their claimed good works can really be proven anyway. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved with them. Too many red flags. They are not even raw foodists. You know, if this is the worst the NWO has then I think we aren’t in too much trouble. I must agree though that they have accomplished one thing on their agenda, to WASTE MY TIME.

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7 thoughts on “Crumbling the Natural Solutions Foundation”

  1. Part 1 of comment: The Natural Solutions Foundation is exactly what it says it is: a totally independent organization driven by the passion and vision of its founders, supported totally by its supporters and the most active, creative and vital force in health freedom.
    We never, never, no matter what the provocation, attack anyone or any organization.
    The author of this attack on us (who continually spends his time spewing out this vitriol, by the way) is, by his own repeated admission, a self-proclaimed multiply hospitalized paranoid schizophrenic patient. As a Psychiatrist who has practiced drug free psychiatry and medicine for my entire career, by the way, I have a clear understanding of the vast and painful personality disorder and distortion which is left when the hallucinations go away (which he claims his have) for most people who suffer this debilitating disorder.
    To continue reading, see Part II of Comment

  2. Part II of Comment
    Aa human being of compassion, I wish him the grace to find the peace in his heart that he lacks and hope that he does so soon, for his sake and the sake of those that are pulled into his distortions.
    As the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, an organization to which I have devoted the last 4.5 years of my life without a penny of compensation, as have the other two Trustees of the Foundation, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US A. Ret.) and Ralph Fucetola, JD, I know that with a clean conscience I can say that we work for the good of humanity as we see fit.
    Truth, by the way, is the only defense against charges of slander and liable. Sites like this which publish untruths like this are, in fact, committing slander and liable.
    When disinformation agents and their followers (dupes?) attack someone, they always make charges which can never be disproven. You cannot, logically, disprove a negative.
    However, our work and our successes speak for themselves. We have personally opened our private coffers and emptied them into the maw of the health freedom fight to the tune of over $800,000. We have never asked for any of it back.
    We have traveled, sometimes for as long as 4 months straight, in some of the most difficult, dangerous and abjectly poor places in the world to take our Codex strategy, which you can read in the Codex eBook,, to the leaders of the poorest nations in the world to allow them to successfully deviate from Codex without having their fragile economies destroyed by the World Trade Organization Trade Sactions that would befall them if they did it wrong.
    We were reviled by this same author and other for our foolishness, yet Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands have used our strategy successfully in dealing with deadly Codex standards and guidelines.
    To continue reading, see Part III of Comment

  3. Part III of Comment
    We briefed the then President of India privately. He had never heard of Codex yet, after our private meeting, India passed a law in 6 weeks which had not been under consideration before that meeting and which, if implemented, could protect the entire subcontent of 1.2 billion people from the ravages and devastation of Codex.
    Others have taken up the groundless baying of this author and have concluded that since he said it, somehow it must be right.

    Again, as a psychiatrist, I know that vulnerabilities are often [poorly] defended by projection, that is pushing my vulnerability or weakness on the person who is in my view instead of taking responsibility for it myself.
    And example: before General Stubblebine and I closed our successful private practice of drug-free medicine to take on the health freedom fight on a global basis because we could not see any person or group doing so from a strategic perspective, since their responses were tactical, that is, responding to what had already happened instead of reconfiguring the situation in advance of a problem occurring (which is the ONLY way that wars are won – and this IS a war, as we see it), I called the author of this piece and asked him how I could help him since he was involved in the Codex struggle.
    To continue reading see Part IV of Comment

  4. Part IV of Comment
    He told me to just send money and go away.
    I thought he has misunderstood me so I told him about myself, my organizing abilities, the strategic skills of General Stubblebine, our success as social activists, etc., and asked again how we could help him. He said, "I hate pyschiatrists. Just send money and go away!"
    I was so astonished that I asked him if that was what he really meant to convey and, with increased vigor and volume, he repeated his desire that I send money and go away.
    To continue reading, see Part IV of Comments

  5. It is interesting that his repeated charge is that all we do is ask for money and that we want people go give us large sums of money when, in fact, we ask for whatever people can offer and accept it with gratitude. We also make it clear that for those who cannot give donations, which are fully tax exempt, we are grateful for their time spent disseminating information as well.
    That charge, like all other repeated and repeated (remember the technique of the big lie) is recycled by this person and by others.
    I do not doubt that some of them are genuinely misled by the disinformation and misinformation.
    I also do not doubt that in a battle as important as this one, there really are disinformation agents.
    Typically, they do not need to do all the heavy lifting themselves.
    They just have to be good at stirring the pot so that it boils up a toxic brew which, when drunk, makes people believe what they are supposed to believe, not what is true.
    For those who would like more information, please go to "The Truth is Our Defense",
    Or, better yet, just go to our websites and see what we are doing. Take a look at our Accomplishments page, to see what we have done and see what lies ahead.
    It says in the Bible, which is a guide book for quite a number of people, "By their works shall ye know them."
    One of our works is to set up an eco demonstration project, the Valley of the Moon (TM) Eco Demonstration Project,, to teach farmers and non-farmers alike how to grow more and better food without the use of any chemical inputs, set up a teaching farm based on the principles of Songhia, Benin Africa so that it is totally power sufficient and does not pollute at all, set up a natrual medical center serving both the well-heeled and the indiginous, teaching doctors and other health practitioners how to practice health care instead of illness care and teaching by demonstration how to build a community.
    How nefarious is that?
    How nefarious is anything we are actually doing, as opposed to everything we are accused of.
    There is no way to prove a negative. If you say you are something, there is no way to prove that you are not.
    But there is literally zero, ZERO, factual basis for the charges leveled against us. None. Nada. Zip.
    I have made that point repeatedly.
    If you would like to sign up for our Health Freedom Action eAlerts by going to our site,, and clicking on the organge triangel, that would be great.
    Yours name and data are secure and given to no one.
    That way, you can take actions like demanding the right to Self Quarantine rather than either take the vaccine for the Swine Flu or being immediately incarcerated.
    Federal and State laws allow no exceptions or exemptions: you will be either vaccinated or incarcerated and quarantined unless you, and everyone you can reach, acts now.
    Read more here:

    In short, the Natural Solutions Foundation is the most active, effective and far and away the largest Health Freedom organization in the world. We invite you to join us. We also invite you to contact the author of this and other false statements and disinformation about us and ask them directly upon exactly what data and facts their accusations and aspersions rest.
    You will find that, raving and spittle to the contrary, there are precisely none.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation
    Valley of the Moon(TM) Eco Demonstration Project

  6. Dear Ellen,
    i enjoy and agree with much of what you write, even when your youthful zeal gets the better of you. However, nobody's perfect, and when it comes to Laibow and Stubblebine, I wonder if it wouldn't be prudent to re-examine the evidence on which you base your conclusions. It appears the final nail in the coffin as far as you are concerned is that "they are not even raw foodists". I think you need to balance this, and some of the other 'evidence' which is largely a reliance on the conclusions of others in an 'appeal to authority' kind of thinking, against the fact that these two, at enormous risk, have done more than anyone in alerting the public to the horrors of codex as driven by corporate pharma. Add to that Stubblebines very public and bold statements regarding 9/11 being a staged false flag attack which clearly outraged the shadow power elite, evidenced by the severity of the media campaign orchestrated to discredit him. If they are agents for the secret world government, they are doing a terrible job.

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