Crescendo of BS: Alert! Targeted Individuals – MKULTRA

Is it just me or has the world turned upside down more than ever lately? The absurdity of the politics in Canada is over the top. The attack on the commons, the individual, the business person, the worker is overwhelming. Not only is it government policy to strip all fabric away from society but to make you pay extra for their accounting to do so.

Enough is enough. I do not consent. I do not consent to toll roads, parking tickets, taxes, or any other usurious charge that has no value received.  I never entered into any agreement with any toll company therefore all attempts to extort money from me are groundless, not to mention based on my strawman legal fiction, ELLEN ATKIN, not me the real living man, Ellen Atkin. The fact that government is in bed with these companies to strong arm you to pay through restricting licensing and insurance is enough of a clue that this is illegal. It is a simple legal process to tell these companies that they are engaged in illegal activity and get them off your back. I haven’t had the privilege of testing out this practice but I will soon. However, I have not paid a parking ticket in over 20 years and I have won a few battles against the system in that time too.

Harper’s weak belated mini 911 terror threat.. Cause Canadians must be stooopiddd.

What is with Stephen Harper? This guy is a walking test case for neanderthal mind programming. I am certain he is MK ultra. I know for a fact because I am MK ultra. I can recognize it and see it for what it is. Something has tied us together on the etheric plane. I have had dreams about this joker on and off for years. He sees me as his friend and ally. And for some reason I am always, passive or congenial. This last one took the cake.

Less than a month ago, I woke up from a lucid dream, which is distinct from a regular dream in that you are fully conscious and the energy is very strong. In the dream I am snuggling up with old Stevey boy himself. There is a clear heart to heart connection between us (please believe me, I never voted for him or ever thought him to be anything less than the muddled stooge he is). In the dream I tell him that I am proud of him, of what he has accomplished, as in becoming prime minister. Next thing I said was, “but I don’t agree with  your policies.” He breaks our communion and makes a phone call. The dream is finished.

2 days later I get a phone call from Revenue Canada wanting to revue my last years claim. Now I am hit with a 800 +++ bill.  For Reals!

Some people don’t understand what being a targeted individual is. It is both a 3D thing AND a higher dimensional thing. Mostly on the 4D plane but it goes all the way up


as well. If it stayed on the higher planes it wouldn’t be such a bother, but it’s whole purpose is to manipulate and control you in the 3D plane.

Ask my mother, who got her brains fried out by Ewan Cameron in Montreal. Ask the thousands of other people in that program, including some of its alumni, like Leonard Cohen. Ask the thousands of children of military who were subjects in special projects testing out trauma based mind control and sexual abuse on them, sometimes for an extra paycheque for the parents. Ask the orphans and missing children, ask the marginalized, poor and disenfranchised people what happened to them and there is always a jaw dropping story of such gross unfairness, treachery and injustice that it boggles the mind that we are still supporting this very same system that goes forward without accountability for its past acts..

1:39:38 That is my mom. 

And all the while.. squeeze a little tighter because the hogs are dining tonight and you are not invited.

This is just too absurd.. Hillary Clinton? Whahhh?

I have faxed Stephen Harper through a fax company called faxzero. The first one went through. The next time I tried it, his office had blocked the company. Sorry, no faxes from faxzero will ever go to the PM’s office in Canada. Thanks to me.

Of course, I immediately commented on the FaceBook ads the Cons started running a few months ago. It didn’t take long to get blocked by them for that too. 90% of the rest of the country is picking up the slack for me though. The PMO can hardly keep up with the spook rebuttals that curiously all sound the same. “Best prime minister we ever had” appears a lot. How can they not notice that they are REVILED by most people in this country? Try googling, Stephan Harper is an idiot or Stephan Harper douche… Try a few of your own for fun. You will get some great stuff.

Yah like kicking your sorry ass back to Leaside. Get off the stage!

The Cons seem to think that they will win by whatever means through brainwashing, political maneuvering, vote tampering or any Machiavellian means. They have already been caught.. So why are they still running the country? And the rest of us? We will cease to exist. Our kind will no longer be relevant and we will be herded over the edge into timelessness while “the agenda” pervades like a dark cloak over our birthrights, hopes, dreams, hearts and identities. In case you weren’t paying attention it happened a while ago.

Mr. Stephen Harper is brainwashed & compromised. The fact that his wife, Laureen Harper is a rumored lesbian & his last main cabinet man, John Baird was fully out and gay bears no witness against his strident anti gay belief system. Why is his weirdo fundamentalist,supposedly evangelical, christian sub sect of a religion, the Alliance Church behind government policy? When Harper got up at the UN and talked about protecting mothers and children, he wasn’t talking about poor single mothers, he was talking about moving forward with an anti abortion agenda. Because this hypocritical fool is stupid enough to believe that after 10 plus years of him he will lobotomize the whole country. Gay wives and cabinet ministers be damned!

Now you can strike John Baird off that list! teeheee

I am not interested in the Brebeuf baptist Jesuit pick wonder boy either.  Can we stop imitating the middle ages of Europe in our parliamentary system this millennium? Why don’t we just take our release from the crown and go forth like we could of done the day we announced our own Government in 1867 at confederation.. But nooooo.. we decided to keep the same system pre confederation based on hegemony to the king to this very day.. Our whole entire system is unnecessary and designed only to obfuscate the parliamentary process in favor of the continuance of a small entitled elite. 

OMG.. the flagrancy!

Still not paying attention? There is no future now unless we take it back.. Please please please people of Canada, parliamentarians, people of influence.. now is the time.. Push this joker over the edge with his merry band of churchy dweeb clones. And then remodel the whole process through proportional representation and lets all breath a sigh of relief for a moment AND then we can START to mend and heal this country and join the whole world in eradicating poverty, overcoming corruption and fraud, ending pedophilia extortion rackets, end profiteering and gambling on lives lost from false flag terror attacks, end support for genocidal regimes.. (Israel).. common Harper.. really? You were raised a urban WASP in Toronto.. Whats with the idolatry of Nazionism? And how the hell does it relate to the Alliance Church?

You, Mr Stephen Harper, are being called out.. Don’t you EVER think you can worm your traitorous,  jaundiced heart back into mine. You are a FRAUD.. a liar, a deceiver, a mean, petty, squalid and ultimately stupid man. Your time has come. 

I am declaring myself sovereign and I want the 5,000,000 dollar money bond issued in my name at birth payed out to me NOW. I also want my mothers and my fathers and my brothers. You are done screwing with us. Tables have turned. 

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