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Here in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico, there are many older folks, well into the senior realm, who are fit, smart, healthy and active. The common denominator is wind sports but there is a certain state of mind that goes along with it. These people are not letting age or convention get in their way. State of mind goes a long way to health and well being. And the mix of all the young and old on an equal footing is really refreshing.

What bothers me, however, is the lame attitude of the well meaning lefty, liberal, artsy, intelligentsia, who use words like love and light in their salutations and change their names to emotional qualities. Like knows like, so it is quite obvious to those of us in the know who we are. Certain people in the “raw food movement” (hate to use it but havn’t found a better label yet) like Mike Adams; the Health Ranger; Peggy McDonnell and Ken Brown from Angel’s Health Food Institute; Shahee of Tribal Globe; and many more are awake and aware to the reality of our world situation.

I understand that many of the raw food marketers are aware but don’t let their politics be known for the same age old reasons. Why should they? Their job is marketing their business. However, the time is soon approaching where there can be no fence sitting. More precisely, the issues all become one when you realize why things are the way they are. Survivalism dovetails well with raw foodism. So you are already a bit ahead of the game when there will be no food choice but government handouts. Or you can store and plant heirloom seeds, live on less intake and forage wild edibles.

I have been carrying the message of awareness for years. Some people just have it in them to know the truth. That’s me. I seek to know the truth. I investigate, read, listen and learn. I was brought up as a friend of the late great Marshall MacLuhan who coined the terms, The Global Village and The Medium is the Message. So today, I am an expert on world politics, human and popular psychology, and media analysis.

There is a smattering of ignorance among my peeps in the raw scene (Facebook, Give it to me Raw, and a bunch of others) who are weeping with joy, brimming with hope and otherwise being totally duped via their human instincts to embrace these qualities by the latest new world order front man, Barack Obama. Sorry foolish people. Do your research. Right now, there is more information about the reality of our world and who is in fact running things and what they are planning and how they are implementing their evil, rotten , devilish plans than ever. Barack Obama is not the messiah or your savior. Here is what I say to the ignorant: EVERYBODY KNOWS! You are now the minority.

I don’t really have the time or the inclination to do what the Knights of the movement do. My attitude now is that your ignorance is insulting my intelligence.

Once you wake up to what is really going on, the house of cards falls, the veil lifts. This can be devastating to most people. All you have ever believed is shot through the core. We all went through it. Afterwards, the dust settles and you realize what you need to do and your place. But this reckoning must happen. And these days people are waking up in record droves.

The best orator and tireless hero in the alternative press is Alex Jones. Listen to him every day on internet radio for 4 hours and 2 hours on Sunday. Watch his 12 documentary films like, Endgame; Road to Tyranny; Truth Rising and Terror Storm. Buy his books and films to support him.

Some people woke up in the light of 911, the Achilles heal of the power elite, by watching Loose Change on Google vids by Jason Bermiss. Start somewhere and the doors will open.

Or read this book by Daniel Estulin. Or go here to Alan Watt for a well thought out path out of the ignorance.

I think I mentioned I had an aristocrat French boyfriend in 2005. I put on a DVD documentary about 911, from “Under the Volcano” (an annual festival in August of revolutionaries in Deep Cove, Vancouver – one of the things I LOVE about Vancouver). He had never been exposed to any of this stuff and was so visibly upset he was squirming and reacting in all kinds of elitist grimacing I had to turn it off. To him it was “negative”. It still makes me laugh.

So, get on it. I am writing this so I don’t have to repeat it when I need to show the path to the wake up call. Yes, I am arrogant and impatient otherwise, but I could give a rat’s ass. This post is long overdue.

Back to me: Taking great shots of hot young guys on kite boards, spending awesome hours with stimulating company and good food and wine, watching AV shows in the campground, doing yoga, photos and editing, meeting great people who dare to live their dream. So, deprogramming and living with the reality of the way the world is is not so bad. There is more to alternative lifestyle than you thought, eh?

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