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This is day 7 of a modified intestinal cleanse I put myself on. After all the excesses after 3 months in La Ventana, I needed a shift back to higher awareness of myself, my body and my surroundings. The first picture was taken a few days ago. The one below was 7 weeks ago.
I suppose that I didn’t have a clear intent heading back to La Ventana, which may be why I found myself in a spiritual dearth. There were many, many positive elements, like meeting my friends Katie Snider and Shelby Shipper, inviting my artist friend Scotty Schafer down so he could live his dream of “painting on the beach” and connecting with other positive folk.
Most people there are on vacation, so there is a big party atmosphere all the time, if you choose it. Even the moderate doses I took were excessive to me if I compare my lifestyle over the last 4 years as a raw foodist and spiritually aware person. Here’s the thing. I used to hang quite a bit. I was never a huge party animal, but I went out a lot in my early years, doing the usual artist, bar, music, thing. I have this part of me that is largely subdued or perhaps transformed, of just taking off for days and tripping with people. I remember once in TO, walking back home after a few days of being out, and not remembering where I lived. I had moved around so much and disconnected from my life that I had to stop on the street and think really hard to remember where I lived. 

When people are thrown together in close confines, all kinds of drama and intrigue can emerge. I found myself aware of all this and even managed to get swamped in it myself. Luckily, I had a core group who supported each other and reflected with insight and humour on the negativity and confusion of less than noble souls. This however did not dismiss any of our own culpability in the matters. 

As my raw food chef and healer, Shahee Warner said, this raw foodist thing is like a spiral rather than a straight path. I suppose I had to revisit some long buried parts of me that I was in denial of. In any case, the road to redemption is pretty straight now. I have tools! 
My detox formula is homemade. It consists of ground psyllium husks, licorice, casgara sagrada, peppermint and hibiscus. This is the same stuff I used for the cleanse on the beach in 2008 in El Sarjento that drove me into dehydration. This time I modified my intake and added a green juice around noon. This is the first time I have done my own cleanse with success. 
To maintain elimination I am taking Yerba Matte tea in the AM, which although has a high caffeine content, gets the job done. I am also drinking damiana, mint and camomile tea any time of the day. Because I experienced severe weakness on the 3rd and 4rth days, similar to the feelings I had with the failed cleanse on the beach, I added a green juice. I think this may have had to do with the intensity of the herbs.  I am not a herbalist and I just guessed at the proportions. I am only taking the herbal psyllium formula once a day, in the eve. And I am reducing my proportions of that (it tastes awful). I was taking it 4 times a day on the failed cleanse. However, my results are much better with the lesser amount. My energy is good and I am eliminating perfectly. I don’t think I’ve ever had such dramatic results so quickly.

I am happy that I am able to create my own cleanse that suits my own body. It only took years but hey, I made it. Having the practice of doing the master cleanse for 17 days last July and many other bowel cleanses and juice fasts has helped. 

People often forget to mention the spiritual aspects of cleansing. Cleansing is really meant to help you connect to your higher self. Dismissing the lower aspects of self, is what leads to so much disinformation out there, using the raw food movement as a micro analysis of the world at large. I can admit that I have done my fair share of abandoning and rejecting in this lifetime. I don’t seem to have much success in helping people either, so I don’t know the answer. 
A physic once told me that I used to be a pillager and plunderer. I do believe I spent many lifetimes like that (pirate, mercenary, totally sovereign and unbeatable; I wasn’t without merit, it was just the best option at the time). It took me the longest time until I finally started evolving. She said that I healed much of the trouble I caused through incarnating as a healer and a preacher in other lives. However, there are bits that still remain to be resolved. I believe I connected with one of my old victims who decided it was payback time in La Ventana. Anyway, thanks to my awareness, practical techniques and the times we are living in, I am integrating the experiences and advancing rapidly. 
Cleansing is and should be a deeply personal thing. Everyone experiences it differently. Integrating the spiritual with the physical is one of the key elements. I think more people should talk about the spiritual aspects (and not just by saying oh, I feel so spiritual, but by looking into the lens). They are just as important.

Moving on, I am researching an article for The Agora about the difference in the future predictions foretold by the spiritual movement and the truther movement (truther references those who are part of the 911 truth movement but extends into a larger context of any an all aspects of confronting the diabolical machinations of the New World Order); about the similarities in desired outcomes of both movements (both want one world, both advocate population reduction, both use the environmental movement to further their objectives, ect), about the phoniness within the new age community (focusing on the James Ray incident in Sedona as a prime example) and about mind control and disinformation and how to deprogram and recognize mind control and disinformation in order to stay connected to your truth, using the two movements as a template. How’s that for an assignment? I know I have some pretty amazingly aware friends on  this path and I want to extend an invitation for your input. In fact, I would like to make the article full of quotes. Please offer me you thoughts on any or all of these points. You will be credited. 

And lastly, I do apologize for the advertising posts, but I do it to help the SEO of my business, which is photography. I make a fraction of what I make back home on the road and need to work more on marketing my images (my website is still hokey and doesn’t have ecommerce yet).  Because I have so many other interests, it is a huge labor that I put off all the time. I am actually a very lazy photographer. So these are quicky efforts to get the ball rolling. I don’t get paid for most of my writing, health advocacy or activism, so please understand it is all a part of my, all over the map, life. Please feel free to donate to help me get back home and start up again. I am on the last leg of this current odyssey and could use it.

Blessings and Peace and Love and Light (without denying the dark side).

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