Class Action Lawsuit Filed

After approx. one year since formation of a group meant to coalesce the forces of familial tragedy that befell the families of the victims of the MK Ultra experiments done at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, we have filed!

So, we are going forward. This is a NEW suit with new players in a new arena. The world has changed a lot since the first settlement and the deflection can no longer be upheld in the rapid information exchanges of our times.

I am getting some of my mother’s and father’s records from the Allan Memorial Hospital but they do not address any of the issues of the images I found of myself and my family on line. This is only the tip of the ice burg as far as uncovering the secrets of the cult and my family.

HOWEVER, the pieces are lining up and after 6 years of me online protesting we are filing a lawsuit which we will win, BUT, your support in creating awareness is helpful at this juncture. They want to get away with mkultra torture. Don’t let them.

My goal is to have Ultra Nation Media so survivors everywhere can follow our lead and get to work organizing their lawsuits. I shouldn’t be surprised that I was derailed for 3 years, but hey, I am still here and the derailers, not so much.

Persistence pays off.

Thanks for your support.

Ellen Atkin

8 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Filed”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed. The pictures are heartbreaking..bless your soul and your family. I’ve been targeted since 2011 and infected with Morgellons. Only the saving power of Jesus Christ has saved me. Just know you testimony will help so many!! God love ya🤗

    1. I’m so glad I found this site via Scott Hensler. He did several interviews of me, as well. I’ve become targeted and purposelly infected with Morgellons, too, because sadly I found myself tricked heavily into moving by the CIA Torture Rendition Airport in CIA-infested Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina home of the Bush torturers. Its been horrendous. They caused me to loose all my savings, a huge lawsuit in my favor at 99% later learned 100% they killed my husband on one of their JPMorgan Wall Street owned industrial militarized of steel and ship yard complexes. In recent years, they’ve caused me to almost loose my literal life and as I sit here its no better with their skynet system.

      To the author MkUltragirl, thank you for sharing this. May God be with you always. Let’s hope for justice.

      1. Thanks for your post. There is a lot to learn about these not so covert torture programs, but once you do, it is possible to get the upper hand on them. The upper hand on all levels. The most important upper hand on them, IMO, is in the spirit rhelm. When I realized they were using me like an inter dimensional spy/ honey pot (using my goodness and amoral attitude (much was influenced but much was not) about sex) I shut the whole thing off. Now I am a celibate badassador. ON all levels! I turned off those lucid erotic dreams with movie stars and politicians after discovery. BUT, one got through, James Franco! hahaha. That was just before the scandal.

  2. My mother was also a victim, and my late husband was forced to be Ewen Cameron’s resident or lose his career. The whole nightmare and the destruction of my mother’s mind will never, ever be resolved. How does one learn to forgive?

    1. wow, we should talk. I am dealing with all this spam because of a certain blogger who has targeted me. I am glad I didn’t miss your comment. Please call me. my number is easy to find. thanks. ellen atkin

  3. My name is Morgan Johnson and I was a programmed sex slave created by the mk-ultra project. I will file a lawsuit this year to untangle the truth about the very real current use of this program on a daily basis. I am looking for support to gain momentum in finding the best way to go about this intense journey. I was experimented on since I was a toddler and I have since been used as a human trafficking victim throughout u.s and Mexico. The details of my situation and who I am can be found on my YouTube channel Miss Morgan Rae or on my website Thank you for creating a space to talk about the injustices of the government and I send you good luck and love towards your future endeavors. The truth will come out for the world to see.

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