Changing the Narrative

It is wise to look at the broader picture of our case. Judges do not like withheld evidence. As uncomfortable as it makes one feel, it is not the distant relatives pretending to be normies who will change the narrative, nor it is the victims whose family members tout the, minor health problem to mental case vegetable narrative.
It helps to understand how our families were used in creating a vast mind control operation whose goal was outcomes like google and the pernicious treason we willfully deny when broadcast via “mainstream” sources.
Using psychology and drugs, tested on our families, 70 years after the CIA imported btwn 3 and 10 thousand Nazi “scientists” to “win the cold war”, are we still afraid of the big bad wolf?
Neither of my parents who underwent the entire gamut of Cameron’s experiments, fit that narrative. In fact, my father was committed to the Allan for grandiose ideas of threats to national security that he was communicating to the prime minister at the time. And now we have google.

Both my parents were ensnared in this “programme” BEFORE the Allan by 10 years. Now myself and my mentally disabled sister (she wasn’t that way at birth) are being gaslit, slandered and blackballed by agents of the “programme” and extended family members.

Google’s Hidden CIA Connection - The Full Story
Alison Steele (Montreal Experiments Class Action Member) and Alan Stein (Attorney) appear in this excellent clip on the CIA and Google.
This has always been the case for us, the children of high level targets like my parents, so it matters not to me. Business as usual. I have much more experience winning this cold war than the agents that try the old patterns of denial on me.

Thanks to all the supporters of the rally, Walk With Us, our lawyers- CLG, and those that hold the spirit of release from the torture many of our dead relatives cry out for us to expose.
Upcoming announcements include: Weekly radio show with Ellen Atkin aka MK Ultra Girl (for real), a 10 part mini series on the case, a feature film of my life story and many many more expressions of truth via interviews and media. Please contact me, Ellen Atkin if you can help us. 604 259 9508.

Dr. Ewen Cameron was the “expert” psychiatrist at the Nuremberg trials.

It was said that Cameron used torture techniques of mind control on The deputy Furor, Rudolph Hess, who had parachuted into Britain to broker peace because all Germans knew that they had lost the war after the first year, so that Hess would appear lost, confused, insane.

It worked. Hess was locked up in Spandau prison for 50 years and committed suicide a short while before he was to be released.

whisper.. occult society betrayal and consequential public sacrifice.. Hess was one of them, until he wasn’t.