Celebrating 10 Years of Raw Traveling

10 years. Yup, I started this 10 years ago. My first post was Dec. 9th, 2006. I was 43 and I was in L.A. in my motorhome called Whitey. I stayed there about a month while I hung out with a friend from Canada and saw another old friend from Toronto and did many tours of raw food restaurants and spent a weekend at the Celebration of Oneness festival in Pasedena where I met so many in the know, now, alt, healer, new age, raw foody, occulty people, many of whom I am friends with today.

It was definitely the start of something and if I had not done it, I fear I would be worse off.

I look at all the bloggers out there today and I weigh them against my own expression. I value this blog as a  vehicle of expression for my inner undiscovered seeker self. (not always, I tried to turn it into a promotional vehicle for my aerial photography business and it didn’t work) Better to leave it as a public diary of sorts.  

As it turns out, it is fantastic validation of my authenticity. I was always a few steps ahead of the game.

When I look at my online presence weighed against my real life, I really do have what is termed, survivors mission. That is what this is. A mission. Guess what? I live in a town called Mission, BC. Coincidence? I think not!

Wow, did I think I would be sitting here 10 years later with all these disclosures and discoveries all around me? Did I think that I would be physically, spiritually connected to thousands of people who are actively involved in what is known as disclosure? Not really sure what the deal is turning that into a political movement. I see it as more of a monitoring of the elliptic.

I think, more than anything, this blog has helped me find a voice and in a most obscure way, influence the world.

Let’s not forget the discovery of MK ultra girl. Can you imagine? Probably not. But I did it. I found my kind. I found thousands, maybe millions of others with direct experience of what had only been a muffled longing prior.

Bravo to me and to all the other revivor, survivor, thrivers out there. This swamp has a ways to go yet to get to the bottom. God willing, I’ll be there.

Big blessed bear hug.

Ellen Atkin

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