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Weaponized Lyme Disease – Adam Finnegan

Lyme Disease, Mycoplasma, And Bioweapons Development Timeline: http://www.operationopenscript.websta… Supplemental Documents pdf:… Letter to Congress to change Title 50 sec. 120a – a law that allows the private sector to conduct otherwise illegal tests without our knowledge as science or medical “research”:… Information links & archives:… Foreign Policy YouTube Channel:… To contact […]

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INCOMING! MK Merc, Craig Sawyer wants YOUR money!

I’d been seeing this guys mug on the net for a while. IMO, like all the alt. vet. sites, you can’t trust em. Here is what he is doing: “Help V4CR raise funds to produce the documentary that will expose the dark world of pedophile rings, human sex trafficking and other child abuse.” This […]

How to Reverse Target. FINALLY

so why is everyone ready to kill themselves? because its the best time of the year. try to lift your spirits and shine and the “beams” get occulated over you with sine waves. So? Here. Recognize that. It is not you, it’s them. Capture the moment in time with your super conscoius knowingness mind. put […]

Health Food and Politics

Health Food and Politics Originally Published 2010 If you are in good health, you respond better, you think better, you feel better. If you are not in good health, you feel depressed, slow, achy, or worse yet, you may have a disease. What is the difference? How do you get from one polarity to the […]

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Joseph Mengele’s experiments list Deep web human experiment cia mind control Over the past year these phrases have autofilled in the text  search box when I image search the MKUltra girl image. Consider becoming a Patron: Consider donating: