MK Ultra Girl Vs. MK Gawkers

I know, I know, the world falls to pieces when I don’t post, so here it is, in my humanitarian effort to save the world from itself. Many reasons: New Mandate – No more free digital content (this post excluded); exodusing Fedbook and thus the soul eating treason (personal picadillos and offenses included) among so […]

Blasting the Matrix to Hell

Ellen goes solo while Laura goes AWOL for Blasting the Matrix to Hell. Cracking the cosmic egg AGAIN with NEW information for ultras. What does an activated Ultra mean? It is NOT being triggered by the programme. It is the reverse. Many techniques for reverse targeting are present in this talk, taken largely from the […]

The Devil Wants Me Dead

Truth is, I have been a debauched downward slide for a few weeks now. Quit yoga, casual ***, drinking & (@#$%’s), diet out the window. spiritual angst combined, makes for tortured soul. Not just crying jags over my lack of planning and the accompanying loneliness but true haunting. I am at such a crisis in […]

Running From the Devil

Oh thank the heavenly heavens that I am back in my beautiful gracious country Canada. I am so blessed to have a career and established business that I can just pick right back up on. It only took 25 years but this photography thing turned out to be a not bad idea. Haven’t made it […]