The Great Indonesian Money Scam

There may be a great new world around the corner, but it is not the one that is being touted now through some of the very sources that I myself, Ellen Atkin, have been meeting, interviewing, exposing, loving, friending, vetting, and writing about in general since I started this blog in 2006. In 2006, after […]

MK Ultra Grrl

Update June 2020 Achieved: Medical records for my mother and father from the Allan Memorial institute in Montreal received in 2019. Local and international support for my cause. Thank you. Class action lawsuit filed, Jan.19, 2019 for the families of victims of Ewen Cameron at the Allan. Goals: Underway Planning: Walk With Us Rally at […]

Running From the Devil

Oh thank the heavenly heavens that I am back in my beautiful gracious country Canada. I am so blessed to have a career and established business that I can just pick right back up on. It only took 25 years but this photography thing turned out to be a not bad idea. Haven’t made it […]