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As Vancouver Aerial Photography has hit #1 in the organic listings on google for aerial photography Vancouver searches, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I am who I am. I make my beliefs known and I don’t care if you don’t agree. That is the corner stone of a free world. People who cower away from me because of my beliefs feed the fear that certain heinous political people would like to engender.

Who am I? Why do I feel so confident telling clients that I am an anarchist? Why do I publish articles that counter mainstream beliefs? For one, I am from an very old Canadian Family and this is what we have always done. For two, I am in the business of being inspired and inspiring others. For three, I feel a sense of social responsibility! In fact, I know a lot more about politics and how things run in this country that most politicians.

That little girl in the picture is me. I am standing beside the MP for Durham Region at the time. That is my certificate presented to me by Bill Davis, the Premier of Ontario. It is dated Feb. 14, 1975.. WOW.. 40 years ago! I was 12 yrs old. Yes, I was a page in the Ontario Legislature in 1975.  I learned most of what I know about politics there and some from my father, John Atkin.

I have to congratulate Brigette DePape, the page who held up the Stop Harper sign in. That took a tremendous amount of guts. Bravo dear.

Don’t think being from an old Canadian family with a background in politics guarantees me any privilege, because it doesn’t. The opposite is true. If I had let the prevailing winds of authority and influence within my natal family have it over on me I would be dead or insane, which is exactly what happened to my brother and sister. The only reason I am able to speak to you now is because I rebelled. I followed my inner guidance, my inner knowing. I dislike privilege in general, but I will try not to hold it against you.

I am proud of who I am, proud of where I came from, proud of my dysfunctional family, proud of what I have accomplished, proud of daring to speak the truth, proud of my negotiating skills & proud of my artistic skills. If you think for one minute that I or any of my wonderful clients let personal beliefs, politics or religion come between me and a business deal, then you are a co-opted coward.

I have hundreds, if not 1,000’s of business to business clients. I can look at traffic for 2 minutes and see a logo of one of my clients. I can drive down any road in the lower mainland and point out clients. I would say a good 30% of my clients are fundamentalist Calvinists. Do you think I care? Do you think they care? Let me tell you, everyone is open to hearing me preach as well. And I will preach. I actually take it as a challenge to engage every race, creed, colour, religion and sub-sect. I LOVE IT!

You know why? Because I have spirit. True spirit is contagious. True spirit unites people in their hearts and their minds. And you want to know something else? MOST people are good. You can sit there in your office or your house with your little programmed route and make up stories of how people are out there. But how many of you go out there and knock on doors, make calls and inquiries? How many of you see for yourselves? There is nothing to be afraid of.

I am an environmentalist who does business with forestry, I am a health activist who made sales with pharmaceuticals, a good portion of my clients are dairy farmers and I don’t drink milk, hell, I even try to pitch the oil fields. It is called FREEDOM! And we all have it. Try exercising it. Oh by the way, I am an ANTI ROYALIST… AND I am PRO ARAB!

You do not need to hide behind a mask of servility, docility, complacency, complicity, fear or anything else to get along in this world. At least not here in Canada. Not in my country. And it is my country. It is not Stephen Harper’s country: he and his little gang of pseudo Christians. For a guy who claims to be a fundamentalist Christian you can’t find anyone with less spirit than him. Or what about that cardboard cut out Russ Hiebert? I swear, you could poke a hole in him and nothing but a few grains of sand would fall out, to paraphrase Joseph Conrad from Heart of Darkness. These people are not who they say they are. And I know for a fact that the fundamentalist Christian base they claim to represent has deserted them. 

FINALLY, I got that out.. NOBODY is going to get in between me and my relationship to GOD or Jesus or any other besotted deity. If you dare try to use that argument against me you are a fraud. Every person of true spirit knows that. It is time we all stood up as individuals with a heart mind connection and say ENOUGH!

I do realize that I would not be so verbose if I had to survive in a job. But that is why I do what I do. I understand that most people are bound by something they feel they must repress in order to survive. I don’t blame you. I could have been the Prime Minister but I decided early on I was going to be an artist because I knew I could reach more people and effect change more directly. And I was right. 

Feb. 19, 2015
Ellen Atkin

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