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I now have 2 blogs, 2 twitter accounts, a facebook page, a hub page and I manage 3 other FB pages, another twitter, and another blog

What am I doing? Well, I am promoting the things I feel passionate about, which is good for the soul. With the right tweeking, it may be good for the pocket book too.

In any case, I met Lynne Robson of Crazy Chameleon (why are there so many cool amazing people in White Rock?) today over coffee and feel now that I have the final peice of my puzzle in my hands. Thank you Lynn, I do believe you are the answer to my prayers. And thank you Twitter, because she is using it and using it well. Following up with her brilliant marketing strategy of meeting for coffee.

After how many years of labouring over Ellen Atkin Photography’s internet presence, I think I finally have the answers. Yes, please take the set up off my hands. I will be the content manager. Lynne can can build it.

So, first things first, getting Ellen Atkin Media fully integrated. As wonderful as Photoshelter is, (my main landing page for there is no call to action or anyway to manage content through it. I need a content managed landing page and a nice flow to all the other connections I have.

I love the idea of working with a local person like Lynne. The other pages I manage all need the same thing as Ellen Atkin Media. The final piece of the puzzle. I really wasn’t looking forward to another year of reluctantly wading through how to ..

As loath as the expression may be, I can now call myself an internet marketing expert. Plus, I am at the end of open up all the internet marketing guru’s emails and offers, halleluja! I’ve got my niche, I’ve got my clients, I’ve got my support people. Yeh.. !

BUY my how to booklet for 29.99 and avoid all the junk I went through… just kidding..

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