Blind Man’s Bluff: Prophesy, Dragons & Demons

Snow balling the revolution into the shift or not? Tick tock on the clock jock.. Time for the ultras to have some fun. We run the show now.

The 2nd show of the Truth to Power Hour, Laura Cross and Ellen Atkin deliver disclosure on all levels to the Ultras.

The soft programmed can join in too and try to make heads or tails of what we are saying but we are indifferent to your response.

We are activating ultras now so that the ultimate expression of the lost power of the human soul can be reclaimed with us first. Without us, humanity is doomed. It is time you started hearing us.

The truth vibration is activating all the lost ultras. This is a promise I made as a child to the other kids in the ‘gramme. So did Laura. We are fulfilling that promise. It is working and we are releasing ourselves from the torment of soul denial.

There is only one expression for a hard core ultra and that is standing strong in love and divinity with all the decoding keys to modern civilization. It is party time! Lets go ultras.

Ultra people can hold onto that truth to power fire hose together, consciously directing our thoughts into the matrix. We are on constant blowback since the January 10th show when I declared a stand down of all alphabet agencies.

Now we are on to revealing the slightly laughable international conspiracy psy op that we landed ourselves right in the middle of.

Blind Man’s Bluff is the shuffling of the deck of the same old player this time bringing in the Asian mafia so they can make it nice.

Tick tock as the hour glass sands run down. This time there is no where to run and no where to hide for the scamsters. The big easy is really that easy.

WE are taking over the engineered collapse. Everything will shut down because it is full of demonic pollution.

WE ordered the shutdown of the red switch network and all cerco operatives in January already.

We have already activated the military as to their position. It is to help the farmers and the people.

Any other activity it is the duty of any person to arrest and detain suspects.

Check points have already been established in the Americas.

We are at the declaration and proclamation stage, the delivery of such will be this week.

This is operation Curtain Call.

message from Holy Spirit: Yes, it is those that open temples as it was prophesy. Calling unto them reverberates through the times. 

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