Getting Somewhere Ultra Dimensional: The Lawsuit

Contrary to much advise, I went ahead and went public with my cause in 2014. I was only seeking information on my mother’s case because I knew she was a patient of the Allen Memorial hospital under Dr. Ewan Cameron. Then I discovered MK

Ultra Girl photo and decided to KEEP going public with that as well. Then a photo that looks like my dad popped up on line and I am public with that as well.

The BIGGEST BIG NEWS is that after an agonizing length of time, that actually started with my first written letter to the government in 1998, I received confirmation from the Allen Memorial that my mother was indeed a patient there. I knew it, but I needed this acknowledgment. More than that, I wanted to know the secrets; the diagnoses; the treatments.

Now I have some of the questions answered but more are raised. However, overall, this is a moment to celebrate from the perspective of the survivor movement and the campaigns that I have waged since I went on line with this. #ReleaseTheRecords is something we should all be pressing for. So many people collapse into apathy and make blanket generalizations about the futility of doing what I am doing. Well, EFF THAT!

What I am doing is WORKING!

Please, others in Canada, there is nothing stopping you from forming like we are to get justice, to heal what is left of your families. They are still coming for every one of us.

Start writing your own reports. Start going over your own records. Start putting the pieces together.

My life is the evidence. I am the most targeted individual in Canada. Really. I am also the most feared. Which is better than dead.

All the military bases that had these experiments going on.

All the mental hospitals ACROSS Canada.

All the orphanages.

All the university hospitals.

BRING THEM DOWN! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? WHY ARE YOU pointing at me as your pathetic excuse to not act like a decent human being?

SHAME on the crazy people who accuse me of their own malfeasance!

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing, but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron. My father had been in the psyche ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young. Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, quest for justice with my work as a visual artist and media influencer. Go to my blog, to understand more. Stand by for


New Bitchute Channel: I decided to host all the video versions of Truth to Power Hour on Bitchute.

Badassador General V gets the video version as well to run on his channels: TruthTainmentTV

I will also syndicate both versions to anyone who is interested to run on their networks. OSTO space is running my audio version on his networks too.

I unravel the mystery of being a generational target of deep state funded covert mkultra, brainwashing, secret military operations, secret space program, secret frequency tapping projects that are being uncovered today by 1000’s of revivors who are remembering these bizarre situations. Always involving drugging and torture, the cult behind these operations is finally being exposed, mainly by the victims.

Identifying as a spiritual being, I recall many events on the other side in lucid dreams and spontaneous remote viewing. I am your worst nightmare AND your greatest blessing.

Since 2013, I have gone public with my search for answers on the internet. During that time, I have found a video clip of my mother being electroshocked by Dr. Ewan Cameron, a picture of myself as the famous girl lying on the stretcher with a chin cup, meta tagged, MK Ultra Girl and a likely photo of my

Young man looks like my father, John Robert Atkin. White Lab Coat guy on left looks like Mengele.

father as a young man during his “nervous breakdown” in the late 40’s with a Joseph Mengele looking figure beside him.

The tragic outcomes for myself and my family betray many secrets that are still lurking on both sides of the family but hint strongly towards abuse and cult activity.

I personally surmounted many functional difficulties to pursue dreams that turned out to be programmes but taught me much about being a highly effective person in public. I spent years as a top selling salesperson and self employed aerial photographer. I was nurturing endless outer futilities. That is all that was. It is BS. All programmes.

Now my work focuses on my disclosure. My art sites are up but I am taking a break from being a self employed photographer this year. I am pursuing legal remedies for my personal history of malfeasance against myself and my family. I am also collecting an early pension with part time work influencing public policy on the side. Your support helps me to grow and focus on the master plan of media domination and reversing disinformation and expanding exploratory dialogue btwn survivors and the collective.

I will offend everyone. So don’t try to discredit me. actually go ahead. I don’t give a crap. I have been holding back. survivor testimony is still way too real for the internet. people tell me true crime. yet no one is doing anything about it. the barrel of monkey show you see on media has not stitched up to me or any of the survivor testimonies I am aware of. so its another cover, yet I agree with the direction, but don’t for a minute think that I will be satisfied with that circus. I am the most offensive ruthless warrior and the most desired love goddess. its all in the ultra dimensions but that is what the circus is not ready for. divine timing I guess. It is not just about being in the SSP or being sexually groomed. (btw, I was not a victim to any of those programs, too many people learned the hard way). It is about me repenting and taking EVERYTHING with me. so go ahead and accuse me of bringing about the end of the world. it is happening anyway. I will throw all the worlds wealth in the ocean of time myself before my spirit flies. and eff the rest of you. I will do it alone.

I am still slow on my own disclosure. playing it very safe, but EFF that. there is no time and it is all MK. however, it is dangerous. to others, not me. I am both the worst enemy and the greatest love. Release the KRAKEN!

Don’t forget to #RoutOutTheCult. It starts at home.

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