Big News; Bird Flu

It’s been too long since my last post because I have been dealing with a lot of real time events in succession. More later. Lots of comments will be saved for the next post. I am in Los Cabos now. There are a lot of good things going on with me here. Great business plans and great people, however, I will be making some big announcements later.

Right now, I want to comment on the bird flu. Every single mexican I have talked to brings up the same thing. A while back the government invented this scare about this vampiric creature sucking cows blood called the chubacabbra (sp?). Turns out it was all a diversion to get the people’s mind off the impending revolution.

There is no flu in Cabo. The air is clean enough here and lots of breezes. The speculation on this flu is that it is a lab created, possibly race specific, bio weapon and is being used by the criminal elite to establish a one world government. The reaction is certainly way over the top given the reality of the disease. My biggest concern is the effect on the economy and the hampering of my freedom of movement. Not the flu itself. Don’t I write about keeping yourself healthy? Once again, I will reccommned the best news source on these things, Alex Jones. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has good reportage as well. Kevin Gianni is also doing a good job. One good word: Do Not Take the Vaccine.

So this little lover of art and life is heading north for a while. Wish me luck.

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