Best Van Ever; stop Codex in Canada

While here in Southern Oregon at Angel’s Health Food Institute I have been preparing my van for an off the grid road trip. I have been blessed to all get out with resourcing items and services off craigslist and listening to recommendations. Here’s a list of what I have going so far:

new water pump installed; brakes fixed (the guy in Canada put the shoe on backwards!); stereo installed; battery fixed; built in bed courtesy of Ken Brown Construction, window fixed, gas release fixed, seat fixed and best of all, vaporizer installed for $40.00 at B& C Automotive in Gold Hill. Byron installs these gadgets for $50.00 regular (he gave me a deal because our exchange rate is so bad right now. I paid 1.32 for an American dollar!! ouch!!! last year it was at par and the year before only 1.10. Such crap, the Canadian economy is so strong, we have a manageable debt and the most resources of any country in the world, yet the dollar is based on trading with US. grumble grumble.) These vaporizers clean the engine and can help gas mileage up to 20%. I can’t wait to test it out. BESTBEST of all, my PVC hose was completely plugged, so if I hadn’t had this thing installed, my engine would of blown a gasket or two down the road. And when I pulled into the garage, my rad hose started leaking, which would of blown my rad if he hadn’t noticed it right then and tightened it up. Such providence.

folding chair with arm rests, cup holders and foot rest for 5.00; folding picnic table with 4 seats and umbrella for 15.00; propane lantern 35.00; hand crank wheatgrass juicer 20.00; luggable loo, shower bag, lights, clock, bungees, s hooks, ect ect.

The van already gets amazing gas mileage, like 700 km per tank and down here it costs 45.00 to fill up.

Stop bill C51 in Canada

The ghools are at it again concerning illegalizing healthy stuff. Stop bill C 51 in Canada by calling or writing your MP by going here: and and and and Do it, I am doing it now. Thanks to Tree of Life for passing this info on.

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