becoming one

When i left for this trip I was speaking of making my life one thing. not doing this but rather be doing that. not working at something i didn’t want to be doing. not living somewhere ididn’t want to be living,ect…
just living one life that i was happy with. well, one thing i learned is that the grass is always greener no matter what. Unless of course, you have hit the one state.

so what is that. that has been my goal. and i figure it to be attaining a higher state of conciousness, having a connection to your godself, divine revelation as susan shumsky calls it. others are doing it too. i heard david lynch on the alex jones show ( talking aobut it. he said that if you let the light fil up inside of you the negativity just goes away. this is an actual state that requires mediation and a breakthrough experience. where you really know that you are listening to the still small voice within as susan shumsky calls it. I picked up her book and cd at the celebration of oneness festival and am reading it now. i amnot having much luck at this conneciton yet but i havn’t put much into it.

Eating a raw food diet is a great way to clear negative energy to help you get to this higher self. that is the conneciton there. all raw foodists talk about it. there is a definate spiritual opening when you turn raw. you become more phsycic, dreams improve and are more lucid, ect… generally a greater connection to the godself. I figure tht is what Gabriel Cousens is doing at the tree of life. He calls it Shaktipat.

I see these steps i have taken lately are all coming together and I am happy about that. It is making sense. I will update on the breakthorughs. I wil probably have one after I leave this trailer park because i am so hooked up here that I feel totally comfortable here. Iwill be pushing off sooon and will be in the RAW mode again. I am downgraded here to about 80% raw. first time in 10 months. thats ok. I eat mostly fruits and veges from the guy off the truck that comes around here twice a week. more on the diet later.

I needed to establish a sense of place here in mexico and i feel i have done that. I have also gleened a lot of information from the people here and feel i have enough emotional, spiritual and psycic fuel to move forward again. My spanish has also greatly improved.

here is the talent show of the Byron Katie New Years Event. I have finally processed the whole thing and can understand it. Part of the enlightenment process is clearing negetivity and deprogramming negetive thoughts. That is what Byron katie’s little formula does. Quite effectively according to the tesimony of the people whom I have asked. It must be done before you can access the higher self. I am not sure if Byron Katie goes further into divine revelation. She should because that is the only point of her work.

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