Bad Experiences POP: Canada Post Outlet & Husky

Okay, here I go. I am impelled to write because this has happened twice now in one week.


Bad Marketing 101:

What not to do:

Husky Oil: Ask your clerks to ask your customers (the rest of us) if I want to buy (insert merchandising item here: for the last 6 months its been water). STOP this demeaning, insulting practice. I am insulted, I am insulted for the clerk. I do NOT want to be merchandized to at MY POINT OF PURCHASE. It is fine to ask, if I want something else, but NOT in reference to a brand or even a variety.

OBJECTION: Gestapo style mystery shoppers from the corp, head office, HUSKY.CA using this deplorable practice as a means of enforcement and control over employees. STOP FORCING THEM TO ASK ME your questions!! You are WASTING my time, at the check out, point of purchase, CUSTOMER exchange experience. MORONS. It’s my F*(*(^ing money.

Canada Post: DEAR DEAR Canada Post. In all your warmth and generosity and good management, it is time to TAKE DOWN THE MERCHANDISING ITEMS OF THE ROYAL WEDDING. IT IS OVER. As though it wasn’t bad enough to endure while it was going on. NOW, it is INTRUSIVE and INVASIVE to my shopping expereince. ONCE AGAIN, what NOT TO DO:

Place a 1/4 life size cardboard display of a wedding picture, advertising What!!??? I don’t know, BUT. it is right in the way of forming a line, getting to the counter, the POINT OF PURCHASE, in the small outlet at People’s Drug Mart. I felt like kicking the stupid thing out of the way. I even tried putting it out of the way and was informed that the outlet will be FINED if this STUPID product placement is ALTERED.

SHAME ON CANADA POST FOR IGNORANT INTRUSIVE INSUTLING outdated MERCHANDISING and creating a hindrance to customer FLOW and THEN using this error of judgement as a means of control and enforcement over service contractors. STOP FORCING them to follow your stupid product placement guidelines when they INTERFERE with MY CUSTOMER experience! IDIOTS!

WHILE I am at it, SHAME ON CANADA POST for demanding that new employees take a 22% less starting wage among other non negotiable moral, social and economic weakening measures for no good reason.

AHHHHHHHH, better now…..

HUSKY:  I BUY your gas to do my work.
CANADA POST: I buy your delivery service 

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