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Most people shy away from politics and therefore have a distorted perception of it. They either disdain it or fear it or deny it or feel beneath it. Now, I wouldn’t say I LOVE politics but I have never shied away from it. That is because of my father probably. In his desire to be a “somebody” he liked to feel involved in politics. So, when he was a Liberal, I was an NDPer.

In grade six, we held mock elections in my class in Huntsville, Ontario, to mirror the real one at the same time. I was the candidate for the New Democratic Party. I picked the party for the people. The NDP is a our countries socialist, sometimes popular “third party”. Although I felt I put forth the most energetic campaign, at the end of the day, the results of our class election almost exactly mirrored the real elections. Disappointedly, the kids voted how their parents voted.

I really got an opinion on politics when I was 13. I spent about 6 weeks on the floor of the Ontario legislature, getting glasses of water, adding bills to binders and passing notes to the members in 1976. It was a great respite from regular school.

There was a majority conservative government who were stiff, white, dispassionate and full of divine rule as they had for over 40 years. The opposition liberal party had a loud Robert Nixon as leader who did a good job on the attack when he was around. He was a big man and a little disheveled. He had a gregarious extroverted personality. Looking back he was a perfect liberal: not much substance but a good showman.

There was a descent sized NDP party with Stephen Lewis as leader. I still deeply admire that guy (incredibly rare for me to admire anyone). Although he doesn’t come out and say, “they put aides in the vaccines in Africa”, like I believe he should, he is totally committed to helping out through The Stephen Lewis Foundation. Maybe he figures it is better to deal with the problem than backtracking over what is already done. Anyway, he was the only person in the legislature in 1976 who spoke with any intelligence or eloquence. It was obvious he was a humanitarian through and through. His father founded the party with Tommy Douglas in Manitoba some years before.

We even had a smattering of members in the Social Credit Party (never to be heard from again in Ontario). They were a big useless pile of dead weight. There were about 13 of them and they sat there, mute and engorged, it appeared ,with lust for their next opportunity for sensual indulgence.

I had the opportunity to interview Stephen Lewis in 1994 when I noticed his name on the bill of a convention coming through Whistler, BC. It was great to reconnect with him. He explained that governments come and go and that they swing left to right. I asked him if he thought the coming inevitable confrontation with the system will be militant or spiritual. He said militant. At the time I was still hoping the latter. I have since become more of a realist and understand his point now.

People don’t understand that politics is a game. They do what they do because they hardly get any opposition or information from the people while they are in power. They get elected and they ride it like a wild pony for as long as they can. It is an exhilarating feeling. So, if you, little person, come on like a herd of bulls, you will knock them of their pony.

Mutterings in the local cafe don’t count as opposition. You write letters to your representative and CC them to any and all people and organizations that may apply. You don’t get the answer you want or you don’t get one at all, you write more letters. You let the opposition party know and they use it against the leading party in the legislature. Eventually, the cookie crumbles.

I jokingly take credit for the downfall of the liberal party in Canada. Through a series of bad dealings with Canada Post, I lost two contracts with them in 2000. I spent three or four years writing letters to the reigning liberal party and getting my local MP at the time John Reynolds involved. Say what you will about that guy, he is one of the best politicians ever. Although he stopped running for his seat, he is the real prime minister right now. He actually runs the new conservative government.

I took a great sense of satisfaction, when every bloated cabinet minister that I had dealt with was brought down in some scandal or disgrace. Alphonso Gagliano, some low rung mafioso buffoon (the liberals idea of cultural inclusionism) was the first to go. Then Andre Ouellette and someone else too, whom I forget now. Oh yeah, I got the woman who fired me, fired before she would of got a nice little severance package. Although I never got the money they owed me, I did get satisfaction. Shortly after that the liberals fell.

We are lucky in Canada that our parliament is held in check. However, I am growing increasingly suspect with the apparent slime of the new Liberal Leader Dion. I mean, when you take the show out of the liberal party, what do you have left? Nothing.

Joking aside, people think it is funny that I appear to support the conservatives, but I don’t support any of them. I have thrown my vote away for years. I have voted for The Natural Law Party when it was around and the Marijuana Party; I even voted Marxist Lennonist once for the hell of it. I have to say though that I seriously tried both times to get the slimiest politician out I have ever known, Gordon Campbell -premier of BC-, by voting both sides of the split, NDP and Green (separate elections) but it didn’t work. The split combined gets more votes than him but he wins it because of the split.

I am really not sure how devoted/or indebted to the NWO the conservatives are. I think too many people take the mistaken reactionary stand that they are all drinking from the cup of satan. I used to think that way about them. But now, I see that they did what they had to do and I actually admire them. They focused, went after power and were very careful until they got the ring. I know that Harper and Reynolds went to Bilderberg, but were they chosen or did they petition them? I think they petitioned them. In a matter of a few years, to spin the amalgamated conservative party back from 2 seats and hold the power today is pretty admirable. Someone had to do it. Remember, people get the government they deserve.

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