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Friday, march 2, 2007
its been awhile since I’ve done any record keeping of the events and meaning and intent of my trip. I am now in pv again. My last entry on the blog had me leaving for home with a stopover in sayulita. Sayulita was like a movie. It was impossible to leave. As soon as i entered it was lights camera and action. It started with choosing my campground on the beach, then meeting henricka and then meeting a host of young international travelers, including Jason from BC, who had just kicked junk. Nice to have him there for a bit of an anchor but otherwise it just seemed a coincidence. He was funny and very familiar. I felt like i knew him. Weather i just associated him with others in bc or whether he had a type that was common or just that i had identified with before, he was very familiar. He reminded me at first of my best friend Maury.

Jason and Henricka knew each other from Guadalajara city, where they had met bart, julia, leone, michaelo, and martin at a youth hostel. We all congregated as if on queue for the weekend like old friends who had planned for eons. The setting was perfect. They scored the primo cabana on the beach that was affordable given there numbers. I nestled into the only spot for me really with my queen of the jungle rig at he back of the campground. It steamed for the weekend, beach, evening strolls, lunch, dinner, a disaster of a beach bbq that was my idea, jason’s hammock, my elation at having finally found a place i wanted to be at, lots of photos (finally inspriation). The students from Guadalajara left on Monday and the rest of us settled into sayulita life on our own terms. I spent the week accustoming myself to my campsite and new camper neighbors. One of them I accustomed to very well.

I made a few trips to PV with jason. One for groceries and propane and the next one to drop him at the airport this past mon. I wanted to see salvador, my close friend whom i had left hastily the first time so i stayed overnight in front of his house on a side street where i am also now parked. I met up with him at he beach with ulysis and some others for the classic Mexican bbq. I swam in the bay of banderas. I had finally put on my goggles and cap in sayulita and went for a long swim just beyond the roiling surf. So now i really needed to swim because i was incredibly bloated from having gone off my diet for some outrageous length of time and for outrageous grievances (cheese, cooked fish and tortillas) oh i forgot to mention that the entire time in sayuylita was carnival with a fair that was on all night for two weeks that was just on the other side of the wall of the campground. It culminated in sayulitas days this past weekend where vendors lined the streets, bands battled from early am to late pm, the bandstand played until 3am, people danced in the steets to bands at every corner, horses danced and drank beer in the noonday sun of the town square. There was a queen, a parade and the carnival played on till the early hours. The mingling sounds of the culmination were like the soundtrack to a bad horror movie. I realized that it all must end.

And so it has. I am comfortably settled on the street of pv in front of salvadors apt. with all my windows open and the sounds of mexico all around. Many soundtracks, voices, wails, cries, motors. It is of no consequence here that a twenty foot motor home is parked on the side of the street. Acceptance is one of the most endearing traits of mexico.

Tomorrow i see Christian who had moved here with his friend Sebastian and start to get serious about making my way home. I can do a few more time share presentations through salvador So far, my attempts at business have come up for naught except for the time share presentation.

I went back to raw 3 days ago and reduced some three sizes so feel back to myself. Who knew?

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