Baby Star Astrology Reports

I pledged to give 10% of the proceeds of these charts to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Please join my Facebook group called Baby Star Metaphysical Reports to post and read updates in the esoteric, metaphysical world. 

Using the most advanced astrology program, Keplar, these reports are prepared and emailed to you within 48 hours.

Birth Charts: A snapshot of the heavens at the exact time of your birth. Also called Natal charts, these reports offer an analysis of the tendencies that characterize you. You will receive an analysis of t
he planets and what sign they were in when you were born, as well as the houses and significant planetary aspects.

Compatibility Charts: An eternal favorite for the females. How do you and your partner match up? This report includes detailed descriptions of your combined chart and provides a list of scores in 25 different areas. Fun and interesting.


Astro Forecast: Get a yearly forecast just for you… include your location for the most accurate reading… weekly monitoring of the planets and how they will effect you. Don’t rely on the newspapers. 


This Astrology program is one of the best in the business. Read the testimonials:  


It is eerily accurate and even describes things about myself which I may not yet consciously know but innately feel that it is true. (There are even things I may not readily want to admit, but when I think about them objectively, I see their validity. This really puts things into perspective and helps me consciously change the things about myself that are not serving my higher self. The reading also confirmed many of my interests/passions, but also listed a few that I have not considered or had the opportunity yet to explore and it makes me look forward to doing so. Thank you for an excellent reading. 

H. Jazz

I am so happy that I got a compatibility chart with Ellen.  I’ve ordered other charts from other astrologers before, but all the other charts I’ve seen never felt right to me…until now.   Ellen got everything right!  Even my partner was surprised at the results.  It was great to read about the potential issues in out relationship; I never thought about it in that way before.  I’ve got a fresh look at our relationship, and reading our compatibility together makes me full of gratitude for the things that make our relationship work!  Thanks Ellen for such a great job!

– Heidi O.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Your Reports will be emailed within 48 hrs.

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