Post MkUltra Girl: Living Centres

It has been over 2 months now since I identified myself as MK Ultra girl. These things take some processing. I went through a lot of feelings and breakthroughs. Firstly, I was shaken up. Who or What was I? Panicked, I called another survivor, “What if I’m a sleeper assassin!?” She laughed right away and […]

MK Ultra Grrl

Update: October 24/ 2017: MK Ultra Girl Vs. MK Gawkers Firstly my mom shows up in a 2013 expose of mind control project (MK Ultra documentary film clip getting zapped by Dr. Ewan Cameron in Montreal) in a pretty dress she probably made herself. Now this. Over 1000 image references on google images, as of […]

The Final Showdown: Unveiling the Program

It has become apparent that no amount of rational debate, fact pulling or history dredging will sway the dyed in the wool conservative voter. You may find yourself in a heated debate reciting the same talking points, agreeing on fact, differing in perception. What kind of war are we fighting? What are we up against? […]

Business, Politics & Religion

As Vancouver Aerial Photography has hit #1 in the organic listings on google for aerial photography Vancouver searches, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I am who I am. I make my beliefs known and I don’t care if you don’t agree. That is the corner stone of a free world. People who […]

Tell Harper to Stand Down

Everyone please write, fax or email the PM’s office. I just did and this is what I wrote: Dear Stephen Harper: I told you not to court Israel and there you went and did it. You are an international disgrace. How can you live with yourself? It must account for that droopy dead pan lack […]

Yoga Dance Party at Sun Lotus

A fun, energetic, fully facilitated, free form conscious dance party, set to heart opening, deeply inspiring dance and chant music.  Activates every cell, rejuvenating body and mind. Clears stagnate energy and raises your vibration. Support awakening to a higher consciousness.  Brings instant insight, vitality, peace and bliss.  Enthusiastic dance music allows you to open your […]

Science finally catches up with Spirit I am reblogging this from Grace Powers: Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think. While the religious […]

Here Comes 2014

2014 is Around the Corner and I feel ready for everything that I am planning on doing. Tiny home, permaculture homestead, expanding my business, more exploration in the pacific northwest, stuff like that. So, I survived the year and came out on top as usual. It is all in the newsletter.  This coming year, I […]

Raw Traveling is Officially Over

Raw Traveling is Officially Over It began in 2006 and ended in 2013 on my birthday, April 24th . 7 years. It began by discarding my decent standard of living through enterprising endeavours lifestyle (read constant struggle through low wage jobs supplementing a self-made artist chosen career, culminating in a successful job as an advertising […]