Ultra Nation Stations Founding

Ultra Nation Stations Physical and Virtual   Revivors from the MKUltra, Milab and TI communities, physically, mentally, spiritually and etherically revoke consent to matrix deceptions while grokking God’s plan as we enter the end times.   Ultra Nation Stations are created by non consensual hard core revivors of trauma based mind control, restoring natural frequency […]

Matrix Agents: Identify, Decode, Reassign

The bombastic, audacious duo of Laura Cross and Ellen Atkin are back. Topics covered are satanism in eastern religious cults; moon landing and the upside down backwardness in the matrix. Offering up more tools in your kit bag to use on the spot, to decode and reassign a matrix agent in seconds. Ellen Atkin returns […]

Blasting the Matrix to Hell

Ellen goes solo while Laura goes AWOL for Blasting the Matrix to Hell. Cracking the cosmic egg AGAIN with NEW information for ultras. What does an activated Ultra mean? It is NOT being triggered by the programme. It is the reverse. Many techniques for reverse targeting are present in this talk, taken largely from the […]

Stolen Art from Baja Cantina, Cabo San Lucas

What: 24 x 36 inch Gallery Wrapped Canvas photographic art by Aerial Fine Art Photographer, Ellen Atkin of Vancouver Aerial Photography. Where: Baja Cantina restaurant store room Av. del Pescador, El Medano Ejidal, 23453 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico Phone:+52 624 143 9773 When:  Sometime between April 2014 and November 2015.  Markings: Signed on the […]

The Great Indonesian Money Scam

There may be a great new world around the corner, but it is not the one that is being touted now through some of the very sources that I myself, Ellen Atkin, have been meeting, interviewing, exposing, loving, friending, vetting, and writing about in general since I started this blog in 2006. In 2006, after […]

Announcing Truth to Power Hour

This banner is authorized for free distribution After the groundbreaking 2hr O.D.D. internet radio show interview between myself, Ellen Ultra Atkin and Laura Ultra Cross, on Wolf Spirit Radio, a tidal wave of information has been assimilated between myself, (having cracked the cosmic egg of my own false front alters – many created by myself […]

Copyright Notice

All writing, graphics and photos by and of Ellen Atkin are copyright by Ellen Atkin. No unauthorized usages are allowed. Linking is allowed. In the event of discovery of any lifting of my material, mentioned above, this is what happens. I ask the offender to remove my intellectual property from their domain. They do it […]

Brush up on the History of MK ultra and Trauma Based Mind Control

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