Mk Ultra Girl vs. Resolve

It is getting harder to appear crazy. With only a few days left in 2017, will we see presentation of the class action lawsuit for all mkultra, MILAB, gangstalked & targeted individuals? I did predict it. And I have been working towards it. Remember in Discovery, that I said I will carry this forth for […]

MK Ultra Girl Vs. MK Gawkers

I know, I know, the world falls to pieces when I don’t post, so here it is, in my humanitarian effort to save the world from itself. Many reasons: New Mandate – No more free digital content (this post excluded); exodusing Fedbook and thus the soul eating treason (personal picadillos and offenses included) among so […]

Fake News – What it Truly Is

FAKE NEWS! – The latest, look over there, something shiny MK slide. This Mk Ultra Girl grew up with a father whose hero/ guru/ colleague was Marshall McLuhan. Whenever us kids responded to an ad we had seen or heard, my father was quick to slam dunk our wish to believe whatever they were trying […]

INCOMING! MK Merc, Craig Sawyer wants YOUR money!

I’d been seeing this guys mug on the net for a while. IMO, like all the alt. vet. sites, you can’t trust em. Here is what he is doing: “Help V4CR raise funds to produce the documentary that will expose the dark world of pedophile rings, human sex trafficking and other child abuse.” This […]

How to Reverse Target. FINALLY

so why is everyone ready to kill themselves? because its the best time of the year. try to lift your spirits and shine and the “beams” get occulated over you with sine waves. So? Here. Recognize that. It is not you, it’s them. Capture the moment in time with your super conscoius knowingness mind. put […]

Health Food and Politics

Health Food and Politics Originally Published 2010 If you are in good health, you respond better, you think better, you feel better. If you are not in good health, you feel depressed, slow, achy, or worse yet, you may have a disease. What is the difference? How do you get from one polarity to the […]

Origin of Film with Emma Jane Crunican

My mother, Emma Jane Crunican, first appears on this 1953 publicity vid for the Oklahoma State Department of Health! She debuts at 11:00 ish. Here is her picture, also dated 1953. Haircut might have meant a new start. She was 21 in 1953. According to her twin sister, my aunt Joan, her mental patient treatments […]

MKUltra Girl Google images Autofil search content

Joseph Mengele’s experiments list Deep web human experiment cia mind control Over the past year these phrases have autofilled in the text  search box when I image search the MKUltra girl image. Consider becoming a Patron: Consider donating:

MK Ultra Girl – Integration

As threatened, Mk Ultra girl is owning her material in more concise and tangible formats. After a year since MK Ultra Girl Discovery, we are now moving into the Integration phase. The shock has worn off and many worldly shifts have helped to validate and open portals for furthering the cause of all MK ultra […]

spooking the spooks

Same article on mk ultra:  appears here in 3 different blogs, one in Spanish. but I have seen it in Russian, Japanese… it is the same article.. just passed around like a dirty shirt. too much of this crap on blogs. blogs should be original. save the lazy reposts for facebook. and and […]