At Home in Cozumel

I had to add some content about my current situation. I have been avoiding it with all this focus on my career (the real one – photography, and the somewhat illusory one – this). Here they are! My new family – the kids 3 doors down. They use and abuse us and we let them. But they offer us a lot of love in return. And I get to practice my Spanish.

As much as I love it here: my perch in the hammock (who’d ‘a thought a hammock would be a good place to write?); the sights, sounds, smells of the street; the proximity to everything on this island; the bike; the casa; the dogs and cats; my workouts in the ocean; mi familia, I need to get a way. I need a break. I can’t seem to focus. The cleaning here is endless. I can’t seem to start working in the day. I only start at night. I usually write in the middle of the night. But I don’t like that routine because I get up too late and the cycle continues.

My agenda right now is driven. It has to be. I am lining up work for my return to Canada. I have to get back to the states and drive home. And I have to make the money to do all this from Mexico. I see it as an opportunity to set up internet sales streams but it DRIVES ME NUTS. I much prefer action. It leaves me a little bereft that I have not been able to explore like I should have while I am here. Somebody please come here with a wad of cash and take me on a vacation. Preferably tall dark and handsome. No 5 star resorts please (I haven’t got to that yet, missing juicy content).

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