Apogee of Life/ Apex of Personal Recoil

I sat by the water overlooking the earth God sky, I came to the apex of life and made a deal to reveal all that I am. The way out is the way in. So, all I need do is reveal. It is all downhill from here.

Does that mean I will live to be 114? Maybe.

Fitting the universe on the head of a pin is a bit tricky, and can lead to feelings of hopelessness, despair, futility and defeat- classic target feelings.

If only I could type directly from my thoughts to the internet. WAIT! NO! AI begone.

Reverse engineering the Creation Story

If the way out, is the way in, then what of the creation story? Would it be the same?

Are the titans warring with the annunaki as we speak? Is it all happening at once on other unseen dimensions? Could the lifting of the veil be the separation of the dimensions no more? Is that the rungs of Jacob’s ladder dissolving? The separation?

The price of ascension = rapture = return to our first estate = return to the Tao… would be therefore, a witness to the war in heaven which rages on on the other side of our awareness. An awareness sprayed, dyed, infected, injected, covered and lied to so we may not know and therefore be led away from our first estate a little bit longer.

If the death cult have their way, it will be another eternity. Not for me, I guarantee you that.

I saw that happening in a lucid dream in 2012. Many are the tales in British Columbia of UFOs rising and setting into lakes. This happened at the Shuswap. Shuswap lake is shaped like an H. Derive what you will from that.

Thanks for No Memories.

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