Announcing Truth to Power Hour
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After the groundbreaking 2hr O.D.D. internet radio show interview between myself, Ellen Ultra Atkin and Laura Ultra Cross, on Wolf Spirit Radio, a tidal wave of information has been assimilated between myself, (having cracked the cosmic egg of my own false front alters – many created by myself – and the false alters of all of my family and all my early years influencers) and Laura Cross.

There is more to this story than our stories. In fact we are going to put our stories aside and leave the big questions about who we are and what our purpose in heaven is for later, after we tell you what is coming.

Preppers be prepped. It is not what you think. We are entering a period of separation of realities, whether you like it or not. No one but yourself can choose what road you will take through ascension/ disclosure/ the second coming/ insert all cultural creator myths here.

All this harping about chemtrails, vaccines, gmos, criminal elites and not one whisper of the MKs and MILABs? What do you think that denial does to our collective consciousness? That is right. It perpetuates it. So you can pretty much devolve/ collapse the entire social, media matrix as a manufactured psy-op based on stealing the soul shards of us humans to perpetuate the nonsense and finite shared timeline reality of the archon/devil/satan/lucifer agenda which the soft programmed masses are, fairly stated, mostly duped by.

Well that is over now and anyone caught perpetuating that agenda will be either lost to it in another timeline pretending they are walking on water or be dealt with before that happens. How much time left? Tune in to find out.

Choose wisely my dears. We Ultras are the best decoder witnesses to the end times, the shift, disclosure, the awakening, ascension. Nobody can smell a rat like an awakened, consciously connected Ultra.

Likening the creation of my own adult front self to putting humpty dumpty back together, (please just read the blog from start to finish if you are wondering about my authenticity), the acknowledgment of MK ultra girl (young girl in an electric head harness)  as my childhood self allowed me to create the mechanism for consciously integrating what was before just feelings, sensations, suspicions, murky fog, dead ends, stories…

The discovery is a blessing. I congratulate my higher being super soul for planting it into the matrix like that. After this is over, all will be revealed but for now, we all have a much more important job to do.

“Aren’t you afraid?”, they ask. No. I haven’t been afraid for a long time. When you are an early test case mk ultra, you learn how to blow back if you resisted at all ever (some did not resist at all, those are the trapped sparks (my sister). I have, in fact, been running this show for quite some time. Command  abandoned their post long ago.

Listen up for a very prescient message for all alphabet agencies and all 7 million plus (US alone) military industrial complex bureaucrats, underlings and paper pushers.

Listen Live to the inaugural show of the Truth to Power Hour with One MILAB and ONE MKUltra dissing on the collapse.

Wolf Spirit Radio
Saturday, Januray, 23rd, 5pm, Pacific Standard Time. Internet Radio. 

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Truth to Power Hour”

  1. You are brilliant!
    May i please listen .. later, if not able to do so, earlier?
    Can't wait for more of your supernatural success . story to unfold.
    Goddess Bless,

    Katherine The Great and Magical Mother of much .. and many

  2. Dear Ellen: This part of our shared journey will be gloriously revealing to the masses and as you say we must do what others are not doing. They have ignored us, the very souls who can help them get out of their slumber. There is a reluctance for many, the ones in truth and the others, who are not going along with the insipid EVIL that has enveloped the planet and rightly so. Because it is just WRONG we know something is up and just can't identify it. Well, Me and Ellen are here to help you make sense out of the WRONG so we can make it stop. We do need your help because we all have a soul bond that is unbreakable and it is stronger than any PLAN they have. It all depends on humanity awakening enough to accept that we are all part of a big psyop and we are in the starring roles. This is about remembering, not the ugly, evil stuff, just the glorious stuff that is the essence of who we are all at our core. I am here to help you remember and to use those memories to ignite a firestorm of RIGHTNESS with a huge dose of LOVE, PEACE, JOY, KINDNESS, TRUTH and of Course Music. Let's stop fighting over proving something, let's just accept our own remembering's as FACTS. Because they are JUST THE FACTS. Too true to be real? that's because they are someone else's idea of REALITY visited upon our whole society. Say I DO NOT CONSENT. And tell them to pound rocks. Stand Down because we are now in charge!!!!!!!!!

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