Angel’s Health Food Institute

You just can’t beat this place. I love going to Angel’s Health Food Institute, and always look forward to seeing owners Peggy McDonnell and Ken Brown. The thing I love about them most is they are real people first and health practitioners second. You will not find anyone at Angel’s in a vainglorious quandary over their perception to their flock. You will find honest, hard working, socially conscious, politically aware, down to earth people who genuinely want to help others achieve personal wellness and success. The best part is that they have all the tools to do that.

At Angel’s, a large raw food kitchen, with multiples of every raw food tool, is housed in a separate building with an adjacent learning space and video screening room. This is connected to the, oh soo charming and quaint, country general store that sells produce from the 7000 agroponic greenhouse. One of only two such operations in the United States, agroponics uses no soil and enriches the water with a nutrient rich combination of minerals that have long been lacking or perhaps never even existed in our farmlands.

The main house is a spacious and rambling cottage that has morphed into an extraordinary guest house and home. With the combined skills of Ken the master builder and Peggy the collector of unique objects, this home/guest house is a pleasing treat for the senses and totally comfortable. No austere, monk like conditions here. The rooms are all sumptuous and inviting. A pile of dirt at the side of the house in March ’07 is now an outdoor pool. Various other work sheds, barns, kennels and a log cabin sit among enchanting intentional landscapes.

Peggy teaches a three week program (custom programs are available upon request) that is designed to enable healing through a living foods, vegan diet. You leave with practical skills and understanding of how to make real changes in your life backed up with sociological and spiritually relevant materials. A full range of spa services are also available. Clients are most impressed by the non judgmental, non dogmatic approach to creating and sustaining a new health paradigm as well as the vast knowledge base of Peggy McDonnell. She has invested over a dozen years into research and learning. Her list of credentials include graduation and certificates from: Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute; Optimum Health Institute; Hippocrates Health Institute; Creative Health Institute; Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education and Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Teacher Training.

Well known raw foods researcher/ author/ speaker, Victoria Boutenko, recently spent time at Angel’s to complete her latest book. The peace and tranquility created the right environment for her to focus. Angel’s plays host to rebuilding and renewing raw food movers and shakers! You may bump into one at their monthly potlucks. Located in Central Point, Oregon, Angel’s Health Food Institute, is a half hour drive from Ashland, Oregon and ten minutes drive from Medford, Oregon. If you are thinking of a great place to house your retreat, Angel’s is high on my list, in fact it is at the top.


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