All Roads Lead to MK Ultra

Germany did not lose the war. This was finalized in Antarctica, when Admiral Bryd (Cathy Obrien’s handler/ owner Byrd) got pushed back by air and then again with the 2nd crew sent in by sea. Operation Highjump. Douglas Dietrich speaks to this. He cites many clues- after WW2 the Department of War was changed to the Department of Defense.. ect…

Furthermore, The Nazis had already established a deal with the underground races (the fallen, in a nutshell, but there are as many representations of race underground as there are above, so difficult to paint it all with one brush and there is a blood line hierarchy down there too) through the Tibetan monks who protect one entrance under the great temple in Lhasa.

Sexualized 4th dimensional Interfacing with Actors and Politicians took over after beta programming started to wear off.

This accounts for Nazi preoccupation with the occult and the many societies they adopted/ joined, infiltrated to gain historical advantage in controlling world destiny. There is lots of research as to who funded Hitler but that is irrelevant now, IMO.

Then operation paperclip was sprung out of the CIA and the Dulles Brothers. This is the backbone of MK Ultra. See Secret History of the CIA and many other books including Erik Orion’s Book called “the Bush Connection” which is the leaking of testimony of Hitler’s body guard, Otto Skorzeny, who was pissed off the CIA owed him money after 50 years of black ops running AFTER the war. Estimation is that btwn 3000 and 10000 nazi doctors and scientists were brought to the states and given carte blanche lifestyles. Their children are running things today. Either Gottlieb’s son or grandson is/ was the head of the FDA until recently.

The worst perp in all this is/was Joseph Mengele, the concentration camp, “angel of death”. There are 1000’s of survivor testimonies of this man experimenting on them mainly as children. He was known as Dr. Green. He was everywhere, (possibly cloned back then, for sure now) for over 50 years operating out of military bases, university hospitals and anywhere he could get a leg up from the millions of low level satanist occultists that have always been operating in US/ Canada/ EU and abroad (we suspect China left him out) from day one.

Fritz Springmeier’s book is one source of the horrors of his “training”. Svali is another. Basically, we are dealing with dark vs. light, good vs. evil, god vs. the devil. The depths of the reality of these gruesome histories are too much for the average person to bear, so the wheel keeps turning and the programme keeps winning, because the cult knew it was all about capturing the timeline.

I posit that the timeline we are on, is but a simulation of the collected consciousness mapping of the millions of brain mapped individuals since the programmed started, (I call it the MK stew). So the early children test cases, I am one, are the base. That is why one will seem to view their own life stories and their own thoughts and feelings replayed from the outside in. The entertainment cult continuse to flaunt it’s dominance in all matters when a series like Stranger Things makes a small crew of “artists” a lot of money, yet the real victims are gaslit and denied.

The goal of these cult creeps is to live forever and not have to go back to source and face the undoing of their deeds which would surely land them in eternal hell. So they created this, and AI and the wack MK propaganda of stupid terms like the Internet of Things, trans humanism, AI. etc. They did succeed, but only to come back now like these aliens and inner earth beings after the eternity they spent duping the average slave before and after the fake end of the world scenario, that shipped enuf boatloads of souls to wherever star base to continue to harvest their energy to prop up their eternal lives (Lucifer’s lie that we will be as God), but time runs out. Entropy. And ENDTIMES! That is what it means.

Did you know that the families of Canadian Victims of MKultra are suing the US attorney general AND the Canadian AG plus the hospital and uni where it happened? Both my parents were patients! of Dr. Ewen Cameron. Both were targeted for life. Their children were accessed and their lives were ruined.

The sensationalizing of these stories goes against the very real struggle of the very real living victims to bring these real crimes and real criminals to justice. IMO, supporting us and the very real struggle it is to actuate accountability and exposure is where ALL the MK gawkers/ researchers should be putting their energy. Otherwise, it is entertainment. IMO.

Montreal Experiments Class Action Members are organizing Walk with Us Rally on Sept. 18, 2020 and the doc. Destroyed Lives. Please support us.. Our victory will change the timeline of our lives and save many more souls than any promise from WHO or Belinda Gates.