Agora News Commentator; Happy Holidays; Mexico is Great

Technically, I don’t celebrate the holidays, any of them, but, if the spirit moves me, I will relent here and there. Just being where I am is a celebration in itself. For those of you unaware, I am back in my Mexican oasis near La Paz in Baja Sur. I had such a great time last year and the opportunity was here again for me, so I didn’t spend too much time figuring I would just return.

I live in a little apartment on the beach on a lot owned by a Mexican family. There is an American family next door to me who have been coming here for 10 years. There is a restaurant on the other side of them. The rest of the houses that line the beach and the street behind it, are a mix of gringos and Mexican families. I go to yoga every morning on the roof of a beautiful hotel called Casa Verde. Molly from Hood River OR is my maestro. There are events and music and happenings ongoing in the immediate vicinity.

Lat night, Christmas eve, was a big street party for the locals. I woke up at sunrise to the still blaring music. Even at 1 pm there was a chorus of children energetically singing along to the popular songs. I can sleep through anything if I am tired, so it really didn’t bother me. It was all about firecrackers, load music and church bells.

This past year, brought me closer to working on and for issues that matter to me, like health and political analysis. This little voice of mine, in the dense forest of on line opinion, has propelled me to a new place: published commentator. Yup, that is the big news. While back in my home land this year, Vancouver, BC, I engaged with groups like the 911 Truth Society of Vancouver, Zeitgeist Vancouver, No Olympics 2010, Anti-Vaccine Campaigners, and the Council of Canadians. I am very happy to report that, as always, Vancouver has a thriving and adept activist community. Vancouver has always been the watershed city in Canada for political activism. All new ideas from both the political left and right come out of this side of the country.

There is a palpable sense of mobilization in Vancouver right now. Not only for the heretical spectacle of public debt for private profit knows as the Olympics, but for the general sense of urgency  in all areas of our lives affected by public policy that the government is careening toward the cliff with. Whoever said that there is nothing you can do to change things through government was lieing. Its a dirty job, but when the going gets like this, people who know otherwise get off their butts and take action. Much congratulations to the new Alternative Newspaper in Vancouver called The Agora. I am really, really proud of this paper and really, really proud to be a part of the second edition. In conjuction with this publication, I am also working with another alternative paper called The Owen Sound Free Press.

As you might expect, myself and these papers are self funded and administered. The Agora needs advertisers. It is a real 3D paper, distributed in Vancouver (1st edition was 10,000). The first edition website got over 5,000 hits. The ad rates are really good, $4.15 per square inch for black and white. If you have a business or message that can benefit from this kind of audience and distribution, then let me know, and I will get your ad together (remember, I used to sell advertising). I predict this paper will explode in terms of popularity really quickly.

The Astro Charts are back, (located on the left hand side bar of the blog). Email me your info and I will get back to you within 48 hours. From now until the end of January, I am offering a two for one special. So let me know what free chart you want. This astro program is really really good. Very accurate. The forecast charts are great. Compatability charts are super great too if you have a partner.

Ellen Atkin Media is getting a bit of a facelift. I am no web designer but I plod along. If anyone can help me with SEO and marketing my images, I would be eternally grateful. 90% of the business I get, I go out and get myself. It would be nice to have some people come to me, if they knew I existed. Right now, I  don’t come up in searches for aerial photographers in Vancouver. It is even hard for me to believe, but I am self funded as a freelance photographer and wheeler deeler. So, please, frickin buy something from me. (great pitch eh, that is why I won the top performer award selling advertising.)

In salutation, all applicable well intended holiday greetings. Thanks for being a long for this ride. I appreciate all the great feedback and support I get. Keep it coming.

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