Action Items; DEbriefing Retreat

The retreat was really something. Start thinking of sustainable communities in the Baja. It is the place to be. I suppose there are other great places in Mexico and Belize and Central America, but you can’t beat the Baja for being so close to US and Canada and not really being THAT Mexican. Mexico lite as my friend calls it. Contact me to find out more about these affordable places to live where your water and food and energy are all sustainable. We will be building these places starting now. You can’t beat the price either. For somewhere around 50,000 you can live in paradise with a concious community and have your own land, water, energy and garden. Canadian Action Items: courtesy Hazelmere Farms: Monsanto is enticing the only sugar company in Canada. Lantic Inc, to plant GM sugar beets that is used for processing into sugar. This sugar beet is genetically modified to be resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup . Lantic sugar is currently GM-free. It is the only sugar company in Canada that processes sugar beets (grown in Alberta). Currently, Lantic sugar is GM-free. STOP GM SUGAR BEETS FROM BEING PLANTED THIS APRIL. For more info: ACT NOW!!

Action Options:
1. send an instant email to Edward Makin President of Rogers Sugar/Lantic Inc.
2. write your own letter to:
Edward Making President andCEO Lantic Inc.
4026 Notre Dame St. E. Montréal QC H1W 2K3
Mail or Fax to Lantic: 514 527 1318
3. print and distribute postcards to sent to Lantic Inc.
print the Action Alert with the cut-off postcard
Stop the Planting of GM Sugar Beets Take Action to Keep Canadian Sugar GM Free Take Action before April 8th —————————————————————————————————————————————–

SAVE THE CBC AGAIN The Canadian government has refused to provide loans (but they are bailing out the private media giants) to the CBC to cover its budget shortfall this year. This is forcing the CBC and Radio Canada to drastically cut over 800 jobs as well as programming. The CBC is asking for temporary loans amounting to just $6 per Canadian, or less than 2 pennies a day for each of us. We can make this happen, so let’s pull out all the stops to deliver a massive petition to Parliament and Save the CBC! sign the petition ————————————————————————————————– Keep British Columbia’s River’s Wild Cambell is selling out our waterways to private overseas interests. Join the fight to keep the rivers Wild. Message from Ten Thousand Voices: Our first day of action has been a wild success! If you have not called or written in, it’s not too late! Call the Premier at 604 660-3202 or 250 387-1715, or email him at or and tell him we need to do green power right in BC. We need a moratorium on power projects until they are environmentally appropriate, regionally planned, acceptable to First Nations and publicly owned. Please stay tuned as we roll out new actions that we can all participate in as we push to keep our rivers wild and power public. Keep our rivers wild and our power public! ————————————————————————————————– Join BC Citizens for Public Power —————————————————————————-

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