Mk Ultra Girl

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo and launched a media campaign. My mother and father were both patients of Dr. Ewan Cameron. Me, my brother and my sister were deeply affected. It appears we were also violated by “the programme”. My case is the missing link for all trauma based mind control done on children. I joined a group (SAAGA) Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse re: “the Montreal Experiments”. We steadied our goal united and found a good legal team willing to take the case on contingency. We are making history.

My name is Ellen Atkin. In October of 2015 I recognized myself in the famous mkultra girl image. A strong warm fuzzy feeling came over me. Then I looked into the eyes and received the shock of my life. I recognized myself. I ran to my photo albums and pulled out my grade 2 class photos. Wow. I had a match.

I created a few versions of this image below that brought the world’s attention to this subject. This is the most recent update that includes this new blog and my plans for Ultra Nation Media.

I have done interviews, written articles and posts and made a general obstacle of myself to those who wish to talk about this subject without talking to the subjects themselves.

There are hundreds of thousands of us, all forgotten, all forgetting, all broken from the trauma that we are supposed to “get over”.  That is of course, if we get past the first barrier of, “that’s crazy”.

Since I went public with my finding in 2016, with my first radio interview with Laura Cross on Wolf Spirit Radio on January 10th, I have helped steer this public discourse in a firmer direction.

In Dec. of 2017 a class action lawsuit got public attention and my story also got more attention. This lawsuit involves compensating the families of the victims of the Allan Memorial Division of the Royal Victoria Hospital at the University of McGill in Montreal Canada.

My mother and father were patients of the famous Dr. Ewan Cameron who headed up, then became the fall guy, for the whole human guinea pig operation. I received both my Mothers’ and Fathers’ records (some of them anyway) in 2019.

We are now represented by Consumer Law Group who took our case on contingency. They are working hard to get us a win against the The Guvs &  The Royal Victoria Hospital. This is the defining moment for many voices in this movement.

I am fairly certain that my father is also photographically evidenced in an MK Ultra black and white image from the 40’s with a character that is probably Joseph Mengele standing beside him. This is about the time he had a “nervous breakdown” after 2 weeks in the seminary in London Ontario.

Personally, I out run this program and the people in it. (It is ongoing) My own friends and family are large parts of it. I have never made lots of money but I have made enough for a single woman with 2 cats to challenge the whole matrix by selling my own photographs. I had an aerial photography business but I got out of it in 2018 to focus on this.

I took time off from my art and took a few contract jobs and got some social assistance for short term disability. Now, I have decided to go into public service. I will resume my art career when I feel like it.

I basically nailed myself to the cross over this and it has changed the world. I don’t apologize for offending your sensibilities. I am consistently proven right as I march on for the righteous reclamation of the souls in my family who were attempted to be whited out of history. The harassment is ongoing, yet it means nothing to me beyond the minor annoyances that flies make around honey. I have taken up the sword and I stand proud in declaration of all I know of the truth and all I posit of it.

Ellen Atkin

MK Ultra Girl


Badassador of Ultra Nation

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