Mk Ultra Girl

I unravel the mystery of being a generational target of deep state funded covert mkultra, brainwashing, secret military operations, secret space program, secret frequency tapping projects that are being uncovered today by 1000’s of revivors who are remembering these bizarre situations. Always involving drugging and torture, the cult behind these operations is finally being exposed, mainly by the victims.

Identifying as a spiritual being, I recall many events on the other side in lucid dreams and spontaneous remote viewing.

Since 2013, I have gone public with my search for answers on the internet. During that time, I have found a video clip of my mother being electroshocked by Dr. Ewan Cameron, a picture of myself as the famous girl lying on the stretcher with a chin cup, meta tagged, MK Ultra Girl and a likely photo of my father as a young man during his “nervous breakdown” in the late 40’s with a Joseph Mengele looking figure beside him.

The tragic outcomes for myself and my family betray many secrets that are still lurking on both sides of the family but hint strongly towards abuse and cult activity.

I personally surmounted many functional difficulties to pursue dreams that turned out to be programmes but taught me much about being a highly effective person in public. I spent years as a top selling salesperson and self employed aerial photographer.

Now my work focuses on this and I sell conceptual fine art photography and art decor photography, while pursuing legal remedies and early pension with part time work on the side. Your support helps me to grow and focus on the master plan of media domination and reversing disinformation and expanding exploratory dialogue btwn survivors and the collective.

In March of 2020 I launched Montreal Experiments Class Action to bring public awareness and support to the class action lawsuit that is currently stalled in Canadian courts with all the other regular lawsuits. We prevail, however, by announcing the virtual Survivor Summit (dates TBA), The Walk With Us Rally (rescheduled for Sept. 18th 2020 and the Documentary Film, Destroyed Lives, which will film the speakers at the rally.