a whole month since back home!

Nobody is reading this anymore but I intend to continue it for now. Chapter two. I have spent a month back in Vancouver. I am still living in Whitey on the street here. It is not ideal although it is notthat bad. I am going to the gym everyday and do all my work at the internet cafe but what a change of mind from travelling. back to the -how shall I put it- lower density vibrations. Bullshit charachters and typical North American Attitudes. Add the BC attitude on top of that and it is enough to send one sprialling into a downward depression. I am just in aholding pattern. not depressed anymore but not settled at all. I am still workingon compiling my work from the trip but i will post a slide show later when i am at the cafe. I am at the beach right now. Someone has an open connectionthat i can poach while i am here. pretty nice setting. getting a few photo gigs,nothing to write home about. need to work 10 x harder to make aliving at it. moving to the okanogan soon. try a new place.

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