5 Things You Never Knew About Me

I took the bait. I received this tag from the Raw Reformer Green Gela Gal herself, Angela Stokes. Here is my list of 5 things you never knew about me:

1. I have no natural hair on my armpits.

2. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do from Yueng Cheung Tae Kwon Do Academy in Toronto, but really it is only a brown belt. I have been telling people it’s a black belt for years but it is only a brown belt. Does that count as 2? I credit this 3 year period with the foundation of my physical self in all endeavors. I am able to master almost any sport after this fantastic education in strength, dexterity, agility, flexibility and respect.

3. I ran off with my boyfriend (who encouraged me to sleep with other men?!?) when I was 15 years old for a summer to Banff Alberta Canada. I did ask my parents first. They said no. I went anyway. We drove out in his Honda Civic, got jobs, camped in the campground and did some touring. I returned to live with my family in a different house, different school and different neighborhood that was very close to where Paul Bernardo (one of Canada’s first serial killers) was living.

4. I skipped grade 4 and was a year and a half ahead before I quit school at 16 yrs old. I finished High School at alternative schools and night school in Toronto while living in a downtown warehouse in the early eighties and playing in an all girl alternative/almost punk band that made it’s debut performance at the Turning Point in TO. We used to talk our way into clubs ( I saw DOA, Psychedelic Furs, John Cage, Flipper, The Slits ect. ect. at various venues) and tried to get guys to buy us drinks – back then it actually worked or maybe I am just getting older. Just kidding, I am constantly getting hit on by guys half my age, no worries in that dept. unless you are talking about serious relationships …..

5. I went out with a guy who lived on top of a pile of pumice and another guy who was arrested for punching a guy who heckled him while protesting solo with a homemade sign against gay rights in front of the legislature and another one who was a French aristocrat who disdained everything and was very good at little scowls and penetrating stares and another one….

Here are my tags:

Peggy McDonnell of Angel’s Health Food Institute
Tim Van Orden of Running Raw
Aaron Ash of www.gorillafood.com
Valya Boutenko of Raw Family
Shahee of Tribal Globe

Stay tuned for my next articles: What’s Wrong with Americans; My Political Views; The Raw Charity Poll.

Thanks Angela!

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2 thoughts on “5 Things You Never Knew About Me”

  1. raw in Argentina???? hmmmm. I am really not one of those people who carries around dehydrated powders or anything. I stopped eating nuts for the most part. I am too lazy to study food supply in different places, but I do know this! There are probably lots and lots of fresh and amazing raw fruits and vegetables in Argentina. I think sun. Don’t worry about those overexposed sheep they were talking about 10 years ago. Just go to the markets and buy fresh stuff. You shouldn’t have to worry about organic or anything else. But I may be wrong. You know they have these huge labor camp style Monsanto farms here in mexico but I think all that food goes to the states and Canada to try to kill us. The stuff they sell here is the freshest, liveliest, sweetest, healthiest stuff. And it is not even organic. For sure stay away from corn and soya, two well known GMO crops. Apparently roma tomatos are as yet untampered with. I can taste pesticides and GMO and you should just do a body testing thing when you go shopping. That should take care of your woes. Then enjoy, because I bet their food is great. I don’t even hardly wash my veggies here either. Supposed to be a big scare about bugs here! I like how that has all turned around. Aegenis actually sought a tapeworm! If all that fails, you can always cheat! Have fun and get a little too close to the sun for me. PS. Pack a blender, citrus juicer, juicer if you can, some ground flax powder and an assortment of your favorite superfoods. Eat coconut meat to quell hunger. (coconuts in argentina?) Blender is most important. Keep it simple.

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