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5 Signs You Are Standing in Survivor Light

  1. You run an anonomous blog. You claim to be concerned about “getting the word out”. You have to remain anonomous because of your family, your job, your associations, your safety, blah blah blah. You repost other people’s content, especially other survivor’s content. You run ads, build lists and ask for donations. (Vigilant Citizen, Cathy Fox Blog)
  2. You think you can explain a real survivor story better than the survivor themselves because you a) understand people better, b) know how to talk to people, c) no one will believe a survivor but they will believe you because you are “normal”.  (Dr. Phil)
  3. You are the chosen one, the hero, the taskmaster from Krypton who is giving up a lucrative career in the last post you got fired, laid off or discharged from. You will now apply your considerable valour and skills to exposing, rescueing, helping those less fortunate than you. You threaten real survivors with lawsuits. (Craig Sawyer)
  4. Your blog, website, podcast, channel needs to grow, so you do a cursory & redundant remastication of old and new dis info. Bonus points for focusing on “Celebrities”. (Too many to count)
  5. In the spirit of Christ, you spew out endless biblical lies meant to help but are actually praying to the Devil and casting spells. You spin out when confronted. You will never believe that survivors have anything to teach you about spiritual truth because you have turned yourself over (lost yourself) to Jesus and know the truth. Your pastor/priest confirms this. (You know who you are)

You were never abused but you want to help because you are a good person. How many followers say this? Ridiculous. Survivors are here to HELP YOU, not the other way around. Targets, survivors, victims are warning YOU that if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will or it will happen to your children or it has happened to you and you don’t remember or the glue that binds you to your cause is actually mkultra abuse that you are in denial of, like it is not the ROOT cause of your front cause.

Followers, likes, subs, concerns, hoorays mean little against the tidal wave of challenges survivors face everyday. Many of them do not even ask for money yet their work is of immense value. They live like me, on less than $5,000/ year. They, like me, are not on assistance or pensioned. They have a hard time keeping employment. Somehow people are okay with that when a survivor is braving the control stream media. They falsely associate virtue with being downtrodden. But they give their time energy and money to those who are clearly standing in survivor light INSTEAD of giving it to a real surivor!

THINK about it!

The economic collaspe will never happen. Society will continue to tighten and tighten its grip. You think you can out run it? You think you made smart choices and can stay ahead of it? You worry but still gloat while you float like a log in the MK sea, adrift but content enuf. Sounds like you? IT IS. It is everyone.

Are you going to wait for the controllers to grind the system down? That will never happen. That is the essence of eternity. That is hell and it is what we are all living in.

IF you want to contribute, speed the process of repentance in YOUR LIFETIME, for YOUR boodline, in these END TIMES, then we must take ALL THE MONEY. Stop giving it to the controllers. TAKE it from them.

Ultra GRRL is the only person I know of so far who has the balls to openly state the goal of emptying all the wealth from the crowns and the vatican. If you want the endless hell to stop you must set a limit, draw a line, turn the corner, take a stand. That is what survivors are doing because they have been targeted for their missions. They are usually from powerful yet more benelovent/ humanitarian bloodlines, albeit ruling, than the dirtbag nazi scum that has taken over the western world.

I have compiled a list of survivors who may or may not ask for or accept donations but whom I believe are worthy of compensation for the value of the work they have done and continue to do. FYI, amoung survivors, it is not a competition for a limited audience. EVERY targeting is tailored for the target. Because every survivor story is different does not invalidate one over another. You must start puzzling it out for yourselves. Because, YOU are also involved. This programme is INSIDE of us. It is how we were created. So the ever morphing virus within can only be stopped by YOU and the truth.

Withdraw support for those who stand in surivor light and support a survivor directly. You may have to contact them yourself and ask them how you can send them money or give them resources, or a place to live, land, services, what ever you can. New computer equiptment is always needed.


Chris Bertollini

The Truth Pharmacy

Ultra GRRL

They all have web presence so do your due diligence and search them the nature of media.

here is no law against what I am doing.

Ultra GRRL


Ultra Grrl Talks interview with Pam (pseudonym). She grew up in an Illuminati family. She drops truth bombs that you have not heard before. She clears the debris left from the cover up for murder, sodomy and ritual abuse.

Movie about my Mother, Emma Jane Crunican: Must be done. Her case is the closest thing yet to coming to the class action stage over the abuse by Ewan Cameron at the Allen Memorial in Montreal.

Ultra GRRL remembers Art show: While pursuing information on her mother’s victimization through trauma-based mind control experiments conducted by McGill University, The CIA and a host of shadowy figures including Joseph Mengele, Ellen Atkin found herself, her mother and her father in old black and white media on the internet, all victims of the same project code name: MK Ultra. This show, Ellen Atkin’s first concept-driven art photography series, evokes sentiments both haunting and random. In 1985 Ellen lost her brother to an accidental drowning death near Port Carling, ON. Years later in a return trip to Toronto, she found a random symbol at the place where she last saw her brother alive. This work picks up the long stitch between the esoteric dream of life and the pain & suffering of being a hard targeted individual in the fake real world.

Ultra GRRL: Discovery, Integration & Resolve Book: Still in the first draft stage.

Ultra GRRL the movie. About growing up as ultra grrl

Ultra Nation Media: Website news hub clearing house for Kultra subjects current and past, realistic and esoteric. Multi media hosting platform so survivors can get credit and benefits for their own material.

Art Decor
Fine Art


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