100% raw, thanks Angela, Mexican Villa

Okay, here I have the optimum opportunity to stay 100% raw, for a while anyway. My world traveling foreign friend Angela Stokes is on her way to stay in my humble abode for a few weeks. Great, bring it on. I have been pretty lame this summer. Only going on three or four day sprints and then lapsing again. I did quit coffee though and my bowels thank me.

Most readers of this blog will know who Angela Stokes is. We met by chance last year while she was considering doing a vipassana retreat. I was also considering one and was also concerned about the diet at the retreat. We met in person a few months later in Vancouver. Anyone in the raw food world will learn quickly that it is a very small one. I did put myself out there for the first few years, conducting my own self-styled meet and greets, and that propelled me into the network.

Now, I want to head to mexico again and create a little raw food, healing arts, cost sharing rental situation. I am not in a position to offer retreats, but I think I can manage to get a few people interested in coming and going over the winter, if I can find the right spot.

This will be my third full winter in Mexico and I am getting better at it. Right now, I am picking locations; east or west? small island or closer to a city? Baja? ……

Please offer suggestions and contribute to my idea. Can you make it for a few weeks or more? Let me know. This type of mexican vacation is so much better than the resorts, which i am sure most raw foodists aren’t interested in. The food is so cheap. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I like to live with the locals. I am looking to rent a small villa and hopefully go on a few road trips while I am there. I know that I can be so happy in one little spot near the water. This year, I think I can plan it. So let me know if you are interested. I lived on 700/month this year in Mexico.

Here is a few shots of my weekend, boating up Indian Arm, Vancouver, BC

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3 thoughts on “100% raw, thanks Angela, Mexican Villa”

  1. “I want to head to mexico again and create a little raw food, healing arts, cost sharing rental situation”

    Oh that sounds similar to the dream that I have been cultivating! Mexico is unfamiliar territory to me (even though I am from So Cal) yet it really calls to me. Internet searches bring up so little about Mexico and things of a raw, healing, holistic, metaphysical, etc. nature. Does that mean those places don’t exist yet or that they’re just hard to find? At any rate, I am also interested in finding a place there to create community and offer healing. Can’t wait to hear how your Baja trip goes. Keep us updated!

  2. Hi IK:

    okee dokey. will do. I am on the final stretch of the leaving portion. Once I start the journey, i will focus on it more. I just have to leave now. I am collecting people like you. thanks.

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