10 things Targeted Individuals Should Never Do

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing, but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron. My father had been in the psyche ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young. Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, quest for justice with my work as a visual artist and media influencer. Go to my blog, mkultragirl.org to understand more. Stand by for UltraNationMedia.com

1. Do Not Complain to Me

I try not to complain, so don’t complain to me. Do you think you are special? Do you think this isn’t a manifestation of bloodline curses that we all carry being acted upon by the same perps there ever were? Just because technology came along, do you think it started there?

My mother was a patient of Ewan Cameron in Montreal in the ’50’s. She was electroshocked then, scapegoated & disinherited by her natal family, beat up and abused by her husband, force fed anti depressants and tranqs by her doctors until the day she died. She complained of everything, spying, voodoo, imposters. Once she spent the night in the elevator of her social housing slum because the doors wouldn’t open for her. She complained a lot. Guess who was the only one who listened? The only one she relied on? The only who broke her heart when I moved from Toronto in ’96 and left her alone? Me. Do not complain to me.

2.  Do not ask me for money

I have never invested in the system. Never bought a house. Made many bad car deals. Maybe I could have been more conservative and not been so strung out for housing, which has reached epic proportions in BC, but I am able to make money for myself. This is what I invested in. Myself. I have gone door to door for the last 15 years or so selling photographs to private homes, big business, anyone. I have arrived home in BC after traveling with nothing or less than 100 dollars in my pocket and I always manage to be okay in a short while. There are always people looking for workers. I ripped a pull tag off a sign at the beer and wine store near my house and got a cleaning job that turned out to be the best thing I could have done. It led to housing and great resources and friends. I have a tendency to give away money and spend it as fast as I can make it, but I can make it. Even the smallest job can lead to a great life. But I make less than 10K a year and I live very frugally. I have no savings, no credit and no one to rely on.  If you ask me for money because you are targeted and I have no relationship with you, you are a 2 bit con artist. So do not ask me for money.

3.  Do not assume you have it worse than me

For some reason, my entire life, people have just assumed that I am privileged. I look good, speak well, live in nice neighbourhoods. That isn’t too hard in Canada. There really are no slums. Even though my father made good money, he did not spend it on his family. We had no food half the time, the utilities would get cut off and we only went on one holiday that was a disaster. I left home when I was 15. I came back a few times but never stayed very long. I might have wrenched less than 10 grand from my dad over his lifetime. My mom was desperately poor. I did get a small inheritance from my great aunts in the early 80’s and blew that on travel and living worry free for a year. I used to be on and off welfare in Toronto but I have worked most of the last 25 years in BC. And I went bankrupt once.

4.  Do not blame me for not championing your cause(s)

Before I could identify what was wrong with me, I identified with many social justice causes that occupied my zealotry. I realize now they were all foils for the unidentified personal injury I suffered as an MK Ultra trauma based mind control test case. I needed to resolve my OWN problems, not the world’s, but I didn’t have a context until I saw the picture. Even though my whole family was brutalized by the mental health industry and I watched everyone fall apart in front of me as I grew up, I did not suspect that I had been in the program, or that there was a program.

So, now that I look back on all the causes I joined I realize that everyone in them was part of the program too. It is not a bad thing, but the root cause of the problems here are not the causes, it is the mk ultra program. And the root cause of that, is that a satanic death cult run by Joseph Mengele clones has taken over our culture.

Gay is another one. Hey, I have always been a huge fag hag. But now I realize that gay is just another psy op. It isn’t an identity. All that socio political stuff that went along with gay is crap. Gay is what the satanic death cult is all about because anything that is upside down and backwards to natural life is down with them, so they spread it out in a mass psychological social engineering psi op. I have slept with women, had 3somes, did sex work, partied like no tomorrow with deviants and all I ever wanted was one guy who enjoyed missionary sex. It is too late now and I am celibate. Where is my celibate rights now placard? Get it?

5. Do not accuse me of your shadow self

6. Do not tell me we are soul mates (I’ve renounced my family, what make you think you deserve better than them?)

7. Do not be contradictory

8. Do not tell me I don’t understand

9. Do not blame your situation on politics

10.  Do not excuse yourself from solutions

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7 thoughts on “10 things Targeted Individuals Should Never Do”

  1. I agree 100%. The Targeting/Crowd Stalking/Microwave blast stories are out of control now. To me it is just another psy-op built to contain MKs and have us blathering all over in order to destroy our credibility.

    Targeting – Anyone who is in the program is targeted. Anyone OUTSIDE the program is Targeted. Let’s face it the whole population is targeted!

    Crowd Stalking – Due to social pressures, people are going to scream out loud. This doesn’t mean you are being followed. Neighbors are going to be neighbors. They are going to be nosy. They don’t need to be paid to do so. If you run around thinking strangers are looking at you, they will look at you. Because you are making a spectacle of yourself, not because you are being followed.

    Microwave weapons – Where is the evidence? Besides one woman on Youtube who literally wears tinfoil hats and sleeps under an aluminum blanket. You would think weapons so handy and portable such as these would be ALL OVER. But no, instead of being used for legitimate reasons…say crowd control during riots…they are just used for no names in nowheresville.

    Every once in awhile the powers will send out a “former” member of some alphabet agency claiming they saw documents of such harassment. Anybody coming out like this should be suspect. Because the only people who will get big play in the media and even in the convention circuit will be on of theirs. Why? Because they own the whole circus from the big media to the small conspiracy sites.

    When I feel “harassed” I just go back to basics. Any time one of the MKs makes a break for it…they have a program to prevent it. We make it so easy for them, they only have to use the simplest of body programs. They can make people feel itchy, feel feverish, feel asthmatic etc. and yes even feel as if they are being blasted by some Buck Rogers weapon. These programs can be scary. It is also scary to tell yourself it is just a program even though you feel as though you are suffering from a heart problem, asthma attack, nerve attack, allergy attack. But once you can do it…the limits only become what you put on yourself. The programming starts to reveal itself. Then you have freedom within sight.

    1. Wow Kerry. You get it so well. There is so much more to being one of the kids in the program (not SRA cults, but the military/ project paperclip test cults- and yes, I know they are connected). We survived all kinds of torture. drugs, radiation, splitting the mind. horror shows, disease, ect.. the extent is way over what conventional targets complain about. There are definite layers in this mkultra, Kultra world we live in. Thanks for your 2 cents again.

      1. New title: 11 thinks TIs should never do.

        11. say STUPID things like, “you are not targeted”

        You are not targeted Bea. nananananana

        The limited scope of most TIs is pathetic. I have done all this work as the top TI in the world and I get comments like yours. Without explanation, without proof. No wonder you are targeted.

        Here: listen to this. https://mkultragirl.org/the-t-i-who-cried-wolf/

  2. I am a TI. MKultra program never ended,probably expands every year. I am a victim of it, as are some of my family. Most of what you may have read or heard about implants is real,ocular implants are one of their favorite. With them, you will have no privacy, no secrets, what valuables you may hide,they can (will) come and steal. Just more of the program run by the scumbags in the “shadow gov.”to control and manipulate the masses.

    1. I feel like my entire right side was paralyzed and it is gradually atrophying as I get older. Certainly my forehead is numb. I often hope that healing will come in the form of a huge pop and then release, but the reality is, all day everyday for as long as I can remember, I am ignoring, compartmentalizing, recoiling from this numbness/ nerve damage feeling. It would be my right eye if it is true. There is a spot at the back of my head on the right side that is always slightly tender. A point at the right side under the shoulder blade where it feel like something is stabbing in the back and the neck and arm and elbow pain is consistent with the weakness after being dragged around by the arm. I remember and I also know things that are not of this world but I am participating in nonetheless. I get glimpses and fore/ aftsight as I drift in and out of sleep. There are loads of other symptoms, but I wanted to get those out. Thanks for posting.

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